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WEN by Chaz is known in about every household. WEN has infomercials on QVC that inform viewers of all the positives effects that WEN can have on your hair. Now, many consumers are skeptical of just how great WEN is. But the positive reviews speak volumes. We all want that beautiful, silky, luscious strands of hair that looks TV ready from the start. WEN offers just that by using their 5 in 1 product line. With using WEN, you don’t need 5 bottles of product just to wash and style your hair. You only need one. Cleansing, conditioning, deep conditioning, detangling, and leave in conditioner is neatly packaged in one attractive bottle.

A skeptical consumer with fine hair purchased WEN to put it to the test. Her common complaint is that her hair falls by mid afternoon causing that volume to disappear. If she went a couple of days without washing her hair, it would become stringy and oily. That is a look that no one wants to ever see when it comes to their own hair.

After one washing, the consumer could tell a massive difference in her hair. Her hair felt silky soft, shiny, full of volume. On day 6, her friends even commented on how healthy and shiny her hair was looking. So far WEN Hair was impressive to her. Her overall review gives WEN the two thumbs up for people with finer hair. She noticed less hair loss during showering and that her hair looked more vibrant than it did before.

Chaz Dean is the founder of WEN hair care products. His love of hair care started from his love of photography. After enrolling in cosmetology school, he became a cutting and color specialist. With his newfound passion and skills, he opened his own Salon that caters to numerous celebrities. Chaz created WEN, which is always evolving so that it competes with the daily demands and stress that hair endures.