Chris Burch Makes Accurate Fashion and Technology Predictions

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The partnership between technology and fashion has been happening for decades, and these days, designers are becoming more and more innovative. For instance, designer Anouk Wipprecht is known for creating a drink-making dress, as well as a dress that is self-painting. Wipprecht says that the possibilities are endless when it comes to combining artistry with technology.


Fashion and technology also work together to create energy. Movement can be converted into electrical energy, and designers like Soledad Martin are working on a shoe prototype that can charge a cell phone while the wearing is walking or running. There are also fashion items that are being used to charge or power watches and mp3 players, so people can listen to their favorite music during commutes or time their workouts efficiently.


It’s clear that technology and fashion has continued to grow together to make the world more beautiful and exciting. Chris Burch is one of the business leaders who has made exciting predictions about fashion and technology, and his business acumen has exposed him to some of the most creative ideas and products.


Burch has been an entrepreneur and investor for nearly four decades, and has a keen understanding of consumer behavior. He has even predicted the favorable future of over 50 companies. His combination of consumer knowledge with direct and international sourcing skills has produced a proven track record of making impact with fashionable and technologically advanced products, since Burch knows first-hand how products can impact the lives of customers.


Chris Burch is also known for his company, Creative Capital. The brand’s portfolio includes the introduction of new companies such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Cocoon9. Creative Capital also represents Poppin Nihiwatu and TRADEMARK. Established brands like Jawbone, Hotel + Universe and Voss Water have also counted on the expertise of Creative Capital to move their businesses forward.