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Life needs to be about being part of something larger for many people. This is something that Eric Lefkofsky embraces in full. He knows that it remains important for people to be able to reach to others and help them enjoy better lives. This has been the motivating force behind much of his career over the years. As an entrepreneur he knows that innovation is important. His work as the head of Tempus has been about this process and the ideal of searching for new ways of treating cancer. He want to make sure that all those who work with him share his ideals and his determination to find the cure for one of the worst diseases to ever plague mankind.  Eric Lefkofsky has put his efforts behind this disease in order to help discover new ways that it is possible to make it but a memory. The emphasis at his company is always all about offering help to the people who need it in the middle of facing one of life’s worst experiences.  Check this on


The Right Education


He has a serious educational background that has enabled him to learn about many fields. His primary education was completed as a undergraduate at the University of Michigan. While here, he studied carefully in order to learn all he needed to know about the world of business he would eventually make his own. After his graduation, he knew that law school would be his destiny. He wanted to have a grounding in the field of law in order to help provide a background that would enable him to offer his clients a complete and thorough sense of the world of law. To that end, he entered law school at the University of Michigan. While there, Eric Lefkofsky made his focus the study of business. This has helped him offer all of his clients the ability to speak out with authority on all aspects of the law. Many clients seek him out knowing that they can count on him to offer them something special. He hopes to continue to use his expertise in this important field.


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