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In 2004, George Soros pulled out all stops in an effort to prevent the re-election of George Bush. Soros’ inability to oust George Bush left him profoundly discouraged, and after the 2004 election season he withdrew into political semi-retirement. After that, Soros concentrated his funding on international foundations he established to defend human rights around the world.

In the 2008 election cycle, George Soros backed Obama against Hillary Clinton and was said by insiders to deeply regret that decision. Again, the billionaire cut back on his contributions and went into a political hiatus. Attention America, George Soros is big time back!

The design of George Soros’ donations in 2016 closely mimics that of 2004, with Soros targeting certain heartfelt issues for the majority of funding. In 2004, Soros’ enthusiastic opposition to the Iraqi war and to George W. Bush left him open to right wing attacks calling him a communist and a self-hating Jew. During the 2016 election cycle on Snopes, Soros threw his whole-hearted support behind Clinton against Donald Trump. In fact, he spent more than $25 million supporting liberal issues and candidates.

The 85-year old New Yorker grew up during the war years in In spite of the surprise election of Trump, Soros has vowed to remain a powerful proactive political force well into the future. Soros’ faith in Clinton and dread of Donald Trump have left Soros more politically connected than he has been in years. The exceptional high political stakes of the 2016 presidential election have energized Soros as never before.

During the 2016 election, Soros intensified the cash flow to help Clinton beat Trump. As a bellwether funder, once Soros commits to a cause other wealthy funders rise to the occasion. This allowed Clinton to build a massive war chest. The issues on Soros holds dear including immigration reform, reform of the criminal justice system and support of religious tolerance are the same issues on which he is opposed by the Republicans. Despite the election of Trump, liberals are preparing all-out battle as the opposition force into the future and Soros has pledged to remain a devoted part of the liberal organization.

Most of all, the Soros disciples studied what went wrong in the 2016 election pointed out that Clinton won the popular vote by almost three million. They determined that the main issue involved getting more Democrats to the polls in key precincts on

At mid-year, the largest donations from Soros were to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC backing Clinton. Another $5 million were dedicated a nonprofit opposing Republican efforts to restrict voting.

In addition, George Soros has completely rededicated himself to fighting for issues he holds dear.