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The business closure of Ohio housing market in December 2016 was the busiest since 2005. The sale of homes rose to 7.5 percent as compared to 2015. Ohio real estate market experienced gains in sales as well as average prices. The sale was about 2.8 percent higher than that of 2015. The growth in price and supply were of concern that they made headlines. There has been an increase of 4 percent in the sale of a medium US existing house which went for $232200 in December as compared to 2015. According to ideamensch.com, among the agents of real estates that have enabled this success to be is Tammy Mozzocco a Realtor.

Tammy Mozzocco’s career in real estate began at a commercial real estate company known as Edwards Realty Company where she worked as a secretary. While here, and her team of nine economic agents was under a commercial Realtor named Mike Zelnik. She spent about seven years at Scotland Yard Condominium where she was a manager. While still here, at the suggestion of the Owner of Cook Realty and the general director of Scotland Yard called Ken Cook, she was licensed as a real estate agent, back in the year 1995.

Ken Cook was of utmost influence on Tammy’s real estate career as he encouraged and taught her. From Scotland Yard, Tammy started working with T&R Properties as a multi-site property manager. In the summer of 1998, Tammy Mozzocco was licensed as a personal assistant for a top producer of RE/MAX known as Joe Armeni. It is working with Joe Armeni and making observations of the day to day operations of the success of real estate that inspired Tammy Mozzocco to pursue real estate as a full-time career in 1999. Come 2000; Tammy Mozzocco became part of the team at Judy Gang $ Associates in Ohio, https://www.yelp.com/biz/tammy-mazzocco-re-max-consultant-group-new-albany. Here she was inspired and mentored by Judy Gang. Currently, she sells residential real estates in counties such as Delaware, Franklin, and Licking.