ClassDojo Helps to Make Parent Teacher Conferences More Efficient

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ClassDojo has raised an impressive $21 million in a Series B round of startup funding for technology that connects teachers and educators with the parents of students. The technology makes for consistent communication about student behavior, development and activities while at school.


Communicating throughout the school year and even during the school day means that parents are fully aware of what their children are doing and how they are behaving while in the classroom. ClassDojo can also help parents avoid unpleasant surprised that may come up in parent-teacher meetings, which are usually only held once a semester. Check this out.


According to ClassDojo Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the company is using their captial to build their team and to determine which features and content will be useful to parents. ClassDojo also wants to make the features of the app usable at home as well as school. Check details on


ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and the founders said they saw a need for the app when they saw other education tech businesses creating digital grade books and testing platforms. ClassDojo is a compliment to these digital programs, since it’s free, easy to sue and creates a sense of community between students, teachers and parents.


Today, ClassDojo is being used by teachers in 85,000 U.S. schools, ranging from public schools to private and charter institutions.


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