Bruce Levenson’s Former Hawks Ownership Group Continue AIG Battle

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The multi million dollar battle between former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson and the insurance giant AIG over an unpaid insurance claim will head to court as Levenson seeks a financial settlement over the issue. The claim relates to the mutual termination of the six year, $18 million contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry, who saw his contract ended after three years in the days before Levenson’s consortium announced the sale of the NBA franchise to a group headed by Forbes listed billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler; the current owners of the Hawks have already stated the insurance issue relates to the period prior to their takeover and will not affect the current team.

Bruce Levenson’s legal team has so far refused to release details of the financial settlement being sought from AIG, but the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC consortium believe AIG breached their contract by refusing to pay the claim relating to Ferry’s termination. Levenson’s attorney’s believe they will test workplace torts issues and constructive dismissal definitions as they seek a successful conclusion in a Fulton County Court.

In the year following the sale of the Hawks by the group headed by Bruce Levenson the UCG founder and analytical expert has looked to use his time to create a better community for the people of the world. One of the first causes taken up by the former journalist was a fundraiser for the Anti-Defamation League, Bruce and Karen Levenson acted as chair’s for on behalf of the Kennedy Center for the Arts as the couple helped create a ball held in Washington D.C. Protecting the rights of the individual and refusing to allow the problems of the past to be repeated by providing funding and working to raise funds for the creation and continued work of the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

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