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Every year, the One Planet Awards dole out awards that recognize companies for their excellence. Categories for awards include Marketing, Corporate Communications, PR, and new products and services. Awards are given to companies as a whole, in addition to teams and individuals. As a global premier awards program, the One Planet Awards has become an extremely prestigious recognition, with organizations from all over the world nominating eligible candidates.



This year, the One Planet Awards awarded Troy McQuagge with the Gold Winner award of being CEO of the Year. As USHEALTH Group, Inc.’s CEO, Mr. McQuagge has turned around the company, allowing the company to reach unprecedented success and growth. He is deeply honored with this award and is fully humble enough to admit that this award is result of the team at USHEALTH Group’s hard work. He believes the company’s commitment to solving healthcare affordability has allowed him to receive this award.



Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with an undergraduate degree in 1983. He immediately began his career with Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he joined the United Insurance Companies’ Student Insurance Division. Just two short years later, he became President of United Insurance Companies’ insurance agency, UGA. With his guidance, United Insurance Companies set multiple sales records. In 2006, United Insurance Companies was acquired by private investors, becoming HealthMarkets. Troy McQuagge was in charge of all the sales and marketing efforts within this new company. As HealthMarkets’ President in 2007, he led the group to exceed $1 billion in annual sales volume, helping HealthMarkets’ to be recognized as the Insurance Sales Organization of the year.



After success at HealthMarkets, McQuagge moved on to USHEALTH Group in 2010. He initially worked at the company’s insurance agency, USHEALTH Advisors as its CEO and President. In 2013, he was elected to become USHEALTH Group’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. Just one year later, he was promoted to the positions of CEO and President. Since that promotion, he has served in similar capacities to USHEALTH Group’s many subsidiaries like Freedom Life Insurance Company.

In 2004, George Soros pulled out all stops in an effort to prevent the re-election of George Bush. Soros’ inability to oust George Bush left him profoundly discouraged, and after the 2004 election season he withdrew into political semi-retirement. After that, Soros concentrated his funding on international foundations he established to defend human rights around the world.

In the 2008 election cycle, George Soros backed Obama against Hillary Clinton and was said by insiders to deeply regret that decision. Again, the billionaire cut back on his contributions and went into a political hiatus. Attention America, George Soros is big time back!

The design of George Soros’ donations in 2016 closely mimics that of 2004, with Soros targeting certain heartfelt issues for the majority of funding. In 2004, Soros’ enthusiastic opposition to the Iraqi war and to George W. Bush left him open to right wing attacks calling him a communist and a self-hating Jew. During the 2016 election cycle on Snopes, Soros threw his whole-hearted support behind Clinton against Donald Trump. In fact, he spent more than $25 million supporting liberal issues and candidates.

The 85-year old New Yorker grew up during the war years in In spite of the surprise election of Trump, Soros has vowed to remain a powerful proactive political force well into the future. Soros’ faith in Clinton and dread of Donald Trump have left Soros more politically connected than he has been in years. The exceptional high political stakes of the 2016 presidential election have energized Soros as never before.

During the 2016 election, Soros intensified the cash flow to help Clinton beat Trump. As a bellwether funder, once Soros commits to a cause other wealthy funders rise to the occasion. This allowed Clinton to build a massive war chest. The issues on Soros holds dear including immigration reform, reform of the criminal justice system and support of religious tolerance are the same issues on which he is opposed by the Republicans. Despite the election of Trump, liberals are preparing all-out battle as the opposition force into the future and Soros has pledged to remain a devoted part of the liberal organization.

Most of all, the Soros disciples studied what went wrong in the 2016 election pointed out that Clinton won the popular vote by almost three million. They determined that the main issue involved getting more Democrats to the polls in key precincts on

At mid-year, the largest donations from Soros were to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC backing Clinton. Another $5 million were dedicated a nonprofit opposing Republican efforts to restrict voting.

In addition, George Soros has completely rededicated himself to fighting for issues he holds dear.

A plumber can be an asset to any homeowner. There are certain things which you must always consider when you run a home. Having a functioning plumbing system is very crucial. It is one of those things which can help you save on water and energy costs. Here are some of the ways in which a professional plumber such as the Sunny Plumber can be of assistance to you.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

At one point or another, in the life of a homeowner, sewers and drains may decide to stop working. The main reason for this could be lack of proper maintenance, leading to clogging and blocking of the pipes. When this happens, many homeowners would try to fix the issue themselves. This is not advisable because you may end up aggravating the situation. This is where the services of The Sunny Plumber comes in handy.

The professionals will help you clean your drains and pipes and leave them clean, sparkling and hygienic. Cleaning your drainage system on a regular basis will help you keep the dirty water flowing smoothly and avoid the presence of pests and bugs in the pipes.

Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Anyone can experience a plumbing emergency at any point. Without warning, your toilet may refuse to flush or the sink may get clogged and mess up your whole kitchen. When this happens, you need someone who can come and sort the issue fast. This is where the Sunny Plumbers come into the picture. The experts have tools and equipment which can help solve any plumbing issue. They also leave your premises clean with their after-cleaning services.

 Other Perks

When you decide to hire a plumber, make sure that their services can be trusted. At the Sunny Plumbers, customers enjoy 100% satisfaction on all plumbing jobs done at their premises.

Whitney Wolfe is only 26 years old, but she has already created one of the largest dating apps in America. After deciding to leave Tinder over sexual harassment, she decided she wanted to create her own dating app. Bumble, the name of that dating app, is changing minds everywhere with its unique approach to online dating and giving a softer approach to the entire process. There are already millions of Bumble users and 150 million matches so far.

Bumbling All The Way To Success

Bumble’s approach is unique from what you would expect from Tinder because it is centered around women making the first approach. Wolfe believed this was a better idea because it encourages women to be assertive and pick who they want. This rule only applies to opposite sex dating however. Same sex matches allow either person to go first. Asking men to play a passive role seems risky, but there are few complaints so far. Only 0.1% of all users of Bumble have complained about sexual harassment. That’s far lower than what many people experience in online dating.

Learn More: Read Whitney Wolfe’s Biography on Wikipedia

Is Bumble A Success?

Bumble was released in December 2014. More than two years later it has seen explosive growth. Tinder’s design has left many disappointed with the number of spambots and abusive users on the website. Clearly, there was a market for what Whitney Wolfe is selling and she seems to have found people who are interested in this product. Bumble is making online dating a more comfortable and relaxing place. If it continues to offer an alternative to other dating sites we may see it take over as the most significant dating app around.

The Future For Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is one of the most interesting CEOs today. Her name is already on a successful dating app and she is trying to expand into completely new areas. Her first business ever involved selling bamboo tote bags in areas affected by the BP oil spill. Seeing her growth from that point is simply an amazing sight.


Not many people understand the basics of always working for what you want and not wait for it to be handed to you. John Goullet is one person who knows how to work hard for what he wants and what he has. He was recently named as the Principal of Diversant, and this news was good for him considering he had recently merged his company, Info Technologies with Diversant.

In 1994 is when John decided to found Info technologies. Before forming his firm, he has worked as an IT consultant the later switched to be an IT staffing officer. With a broad background in the IT staffing industry, John decided to found his firm with the aim of offering IT staffing services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

While at his company, Mr. Goullet majorly focused on some client’s specific needs as well as corporate IT Staffing Industry. If he wanted to become successful, he had to understand the industry inside out and know what to do and what not. He would match hi leadership skills, personal drive, and commitment when it came to developing solutions and providing services according to the customer’s preference.

Under his tenure, the firm grew to become a global scale organization featuring twice on the list of magazine’s Inc 500 as one of the fastest growing enterprises in the U.S. at one moment; the firm was ranked eighth among the startup businesses in the country. According to Goullet, he argues that business ideas are made to reality by paying close attention to the labor markets.

The reason as to why he decided to venture into the IT staffing industry is after he realized a shortage of IT specialist in the country since very few people graduated with skills in IT.

With the help of John Goullet, Diversant LC has become one of the most prestigious African-American IT staffing firm in US. The company reflects the leadership professionalism, commitment, and personal drive when developing IT staffing solutions.

When other IT staffing companies are struggling, Diversant LLC is growing and expanding even during the economic depression. As the principal of Diversant, John Goullet starts on developing new mechanisms to finding solutions to the challenges facing the IT marketplace.

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The business closure of Ohio housing market in December 2016 was the busiest since 2005. The sale of homes rose to 7.5 percent as compared to 2015. Ohio real estate market experienced gains in sales as well as average prices. The sale was about 2.8 percent higher than that of 2015. The growth in price and supply were of concern that they made headlines. There has been an increase of 4 percent in the sale of a medium US existing house which went for $232200 in December as compared to 2015. According to, among the agents of real estates that have enabled this success to be is Tammy Mozzocco a Realtor.

Tammy Mozzocco’s career in real estate began at a commercial real estate company known as Edwards Realty Company where she worked as a secretary. While here, and her team of nine economic agents was under a commercial Realtor named Mike Zelnik. She spent about seven years at Scotland Yard Condominium where she was a manager. While still here, at the suggestion of the Owner of Cook Realty and the general director of Scotland Yard called Ken Cook, she was licensed as a real estate agent, back in the year 1995.

Ken Cook was of utmost influence on Tammy’s real estate career as he encouraged and taught her. From Scotland Yard, Tammy started working with T&R Properties as a multi-site property manager. In the summer of 1998, Tammy Mozzocco was licensed as a personal assistant for a top producer of RE/MAX known as Joe Armeni. It is working with Joe Armeni and making observations of the day to day operations of the success of real estate that inspired Tammy Mozzocco to pursue real estate as a full-time career in 1999. Come 2000; Tammy Mozzocco became part of the team at Judy Gang $ Associates in Ohio, Here she was inspired and mentored by Judy Gang. Currently, she sells residential real estates in counties such as Delaware, Franklin, and Licking.


ClassDojo has raised an impressive $21 million in a Series B round of startup funding for technology that connects teachers and educators with the parents of students. The technology makes for consistent communication about student behavior, development and activities while at school.


Communicating throughout the school year and even during the school day means that parents are fully aware of what their children are doing and how they are behaving while in the classroom. ClassDojo can also help parents avoid unpleasant surprised that may come up in parent-teacher meetings, which are usually only held once a semester. Check this out.


According to ClassDojo Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the company is using their captial to build their team and to determine which features and content will be useful to parents. ClassDojo also wants to make the features of the app usable at home as well as school. Check details on


ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and the founders said they saw a need for the app when they saw other education tech businesses creating digital grade books and testing platforms. ClassDojo is a compliment to these digital programs, since it’s free, easy to sue and creates a sense of community between students, teachers and parents.


Today, ClassDojo is being used by teachers in 85,000 U.S. schools, ranging from public schools to private and charter institutions.


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Sujit Choudhry is the founder of democratic transitions and the faculty director of the university-based center. The constitutional transitions Center is the world’s best and first that generates knowledge and uses it in aid of constitutional building. He is a professor of law and also the dean of faculty, law department in Berkeley law. Sujit Choudhry is a widely-recognized authority on comparative constitutional law and development. It is internationally recognized and has a broad base of clientele from far and wide. The authority integrates a wide range of researching agendas with an excellent understanding and experience of constitutional processes. The authority extends its services to some countries including Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.  See

Dean Sujit Choudhry works on addressing simple methodological questions and issues in comparative constitutional law and development. He has also worked on a constitutional design that helps in managing the transition period from violent conflicts over to peaceful and democratic politics. This design is of great contribute to most of the ethnically divided communities and helps them crossover from the authoritarian method of ruling to a constitutional ruling. The professor of law has been able to publish over seventy books chapters, reports, articles and working papers. He also happens to be a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and has consistently offered consultation services to the World Bank in the form of foreign constitutional experts in developing countries seeking help from World Bank.  Hit this related link.

The comparative law can be defined as the study of the law that governs different countries and assesses the similarities and or differences. Comparative law is the study of the various legal systems existing in the world. The common forms of comparative law found include the Chinese law, common law, civil law, Hindu law, Jewish law, Islamic and Socialist law. The analysis of these different legal systems citing their differences and similarities is what is referred to as comparative law.

In the recent past, comparative law has gained popularity all over the world due to the need of democratization, internationalism, and need for economic globalization. Experts and legal scholars such as Sujit Choudhry have made it easy by writing books to reference. The general purpose of studying comparative law is to attain a better and deeper understanding of the legal systems in effect. Perfecting the effect of the jurisdictions in existence and contributing to the unification of different legal system to one governing system is the major aim of studying comparative law.  This is according to

The Technology Industry is one of the largest, most popular, and profitable industries of all time. The world is full of technology and just about every type of electronic device has some from of advanced technology in it. This is literally a multi-billion dollar per year field of work.

There is one guy who has changed the face of technology from his brilliant way of thinking. Jason Hope is his name and innovative technology is his game. Though being rather young, Jason Hope has the success of someone who’s twice his age. This guy is the real deal and he’s stamped the industry with his very seal of approval. Though he isn’t a household name, this guy is known to many as an investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, technologist, and futurist.

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Jason Hope has always had a strong passion for technology since a very young age. This brilliant minded individuals has a Degree In Finance as well as an MBA from Arizona State University. Mobile Communications was his inspiration from the start because it has the ability to reach a much wider audience. The foundation of his success was laid thanks to his ability of selling premium text message services. Since the market was already stacked, this avenue allowed Hope to touch a niche that wasn’t being covered. The guy literally has a slew of technology related companies whom all have gone to be a success. Hope stated that this is how he earned his living, which isn’t a bad idea at all.

Hope was profitable right out of the gate and he hasn’t looked back since. The guy also donates to charitable organizations and he spends a lot of time in his owe community, which is a great way of giving back.

Learn more about Jason Hope at’s-30-stock-increase-200173084

The multi million dollar battle between former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson and the insurance giant AIG over an unpaid insurance claim will head to court as Levenson seeks a financial settlement over the issue. The claim relates to the mutual termination of the six year, $18 million contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry, who saw his contract ended after three years in the days before Levenson’s consortium announced the sale of the NBA franchise to a group headed by Forbes listed billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler; the current owners of the Hawks have already stated the insurance issue relates to the period prior to their takeover and will not affect the current team.

Bruce Levenson’s legal team has so far refused to release details of the financial settlement being sought from AIG, but the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC consortium believe AIG breached their contract by refusing to pay the claim relating to Ferry’s termination. Levenson’s attorney’s believe they will test workplace torts issues and constructive dismissal definitions as they seek a successful conclusion in a Fulton County Court.

In the year following the sale of the Hawks by the group headed by Bruce Levenson the UCG founder and analytical expert has looked to use his time to create a better community for the people of the world. One of the first causes taken up by the former journalist was a fundraiser for the Anti-Defamation League, Bruce and Karen Levenson acted as chair’s for on behalf of the Kennedy Center for the Arts as the couple helped create a ball held in Washington D.C. Protecting the rights of the individual and refusing to allow the problems of the past to be repeated by providing funding and working to raise funds for the creation and continued work of the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

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