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There are several reasons why I choose to bet on college football. One of the main reasons is because I am very good at this type of betting. In my life, I have played every level of football except at the professional level. I understand what makes every level of the staff and team tick. I understand when teams are overrated or when players will be overwhelmed by the grandiosity of certain games. I have methods for gauging even when teams will take their opponents too lightly. I love to also translate this knowledge into cold hard cash. I call this part of my game the choke factor. My theories on this subject utilize certain triggers and markers to determine which team or player will choke and why. How much their choking impacts the outcome of the game also plays apart of my choke system.

I will share an additional method. I call this theory the silver spoon syndrome. A vast amount of players get to participate on teams because they have some type of advantage in being recruited. The advantage I am most concerned with is players that earn scholarships based on familial advantages versus their level of talent. This type of politics is rampant in college football, and the lack of talent in these types of players impacts games greatly, especially the most important games like rivalries and championships. However, there is another very important aspect that is often missed by novice gamers. Knowing the most appropriate place to place bets is also very important. I utilize the website for my betting on my NCAAF odds because all the prognosticating in the world is of no consequence if bets are placed with clandestine sports booking operations. pays promptly, and my payments are kept in secret due to their unparalleled payment practices. I have a definite methodology to how I place bets. offers multiple opportunities to gain insight through the stats that they provide. I trust them even though I have learned to trust my own instincts in this type of endeavor. I also like that they cover a wide range of teams. This allows me to spread the NCAAF odds out across a range of games. I seem to do better when this is the case because my strategies apply to a wide range of teams. I am not bragging, but I rarely lose, so I will keep everything the same including the company with whom I place bets.