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EOS Lip Balm has looked for ways to help make their brand as popular as possible with kids. They have found some unique corporate partners, and they continue that trend with the partnership at Keds. This is one of many shoe lines they may have with the brand, and the matching lip balms make the shoes even more fun. This Fast Company article explains how a kid may use EOS Lip Balm that matches their Keds shoes for the ultimate in style.

#1: What Is The Keds Style?

Keds is a youth brand that wants to reach kids in elementary and middle school. They know that every kid who wants to wear Keds will be interested in EOS Lip Balm, and they created a line of shoes to match EOS Lip Balm balls. EOS can be found on shelves at leading supermarkets such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Racked. This is a special line of products that makes it quite easy for anyone to purchase a shoe and lip balm together. Kids who were interested in a certain color may now own the shoes that match their lip balm.

#2: Why Are The Keds Shoes Important?

The Keds shoes partnership gave EOS Lip Balm another way into the youth market. They partnered with a company that is known throughout the world for its shoes, and the company knows they must be prepared to give kids something they are interested in. Kids are interested in the Keds brand, and they like the bright lip balms of EOS. Bringing them together only makes sense.

Each new ball of EOS Lip Balm helps kids take care of their lips. Each kid may choose their own color, and the lip balm will keep their lips soft for most of the day. The ball packaging is a revolution, and anyone who enjoys a nice tube of lip balm should try EOS for themselves.