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Wikipedia really did change the way people engage in research in the internet. Get Your Wiki, a successful Wikipedia writing, editing, and monitoring service, has done its part to make sure content on the online encyclopedia is well-crafted. Wikipedia, itself, has taken steps to make sure the online community meets all standards of excellence.

One step Wikipedia is taking focuses on improving content related to the subject of indigenous peoples. The venerable Smithsonian Magazine recently published an article that delves into the story behind Wikipedia’s decision to increase text related to Native Americans and other indigenous persons.

The article points out there were omissions of famous indigenous peoples in the virtual pages of Wikipedia. Such an oversight is not purposeful. Wikipedia relies solely on volunteers to contribute content. Anyone can contribute new entries or update a Wikipedia page as long as the rules of the site are met. If no one is writing on a particular topic, then the topic won’t appear. A lack of submissions of indigenous peoples has become glaring so Wikipedia is doing something about it.

Wikipedia has supported an edit-a-thon that coincided with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This particular edit-a-thon follows in the footsteps of other ones that focused on feminist subjects. With such a direct appeal to experts who know these subjects, an increase in diverse content is sure to follow.

Wikipedia content is famous for its ability to provide reference material for people conducting research. The content can be employed for strategic means as well. A decent presence on Wikipedia can be weaved into all manner of marketing and public relations campaigns. Simply linking to a detailed Wikipedia page from a commercial website gives visitors a confidence boost towards the subject of the content.

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And customers do want to feel confident that the material composed and published on the Wikipedia page will yield the desired result. On the most basic level, the content has to enhance the reputation of the subject. Professional-level writing helps with this outcome.

Wikipedia remains a fantastic source of assistance to those who read its pages. The subjects presented on the pages have much to gain as well.