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A new technology has emerged, and I say it is about time. Video visitation for inmates across this country is long overdue. Video visitation works a lot like a video chat. People all across this country will log into their computers today in order to connect with friends over a video chat service. However, equating prison video visitation with commercial video chat services is shortsighted. Video chat, an innovation brought to the criminal justice system by Securus Technologies, is so much more.


Securus Technologies video visitation is an innovation that helps law enforcement. The video visitation service schedules visitation for employees at the prison. A user logs into their Securus account, requests a video visitation time, and that request is sent to prison guards. The prison then confirms, denies, or revises the video visitation request. This scheduling software allows an employee at the prison to focus on more pressing matters.


More and more families are choosing video visitation over physical visitation. Video visitation costs only about $2.72 per video chat. Video visitation is also instant, saving families the time it would take to drive all the way across the state to a prison. This technology also saves families on travel costs. It is no surprise to learn that Securus is connecting 160,000 people per month.


Nearly 2 million people were connected with video visitation last year. This number continues to rise. As more people choose video visitation or physical visitation, less people are showing up to prisons. Prisons are already overcrowded. This technology alleviates some of the foot traffic that might otherwise be problematic. It also takes some of the burden off of security forces within the prison. With less people coming through the door, there is less of a demand for security screenings. This technology is incredibly helpful for law enforcement.