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Wikipedia really did change the way people engage in research in the internet. Get Your Wiki, a successful Wikipedia writing, editing, and monitoring service, has done its part to make sure content on the online encyclopedia is well-crafted. Wikipedia, itself, has taken steps to make sure the online community meets all standards of excellence.

One step Wikipedia is taking focuses on improving content related to the subject of indigenous peoples. The venerable Smithsonian Magazine recently published an article that delves into the story behind Wikipedia’s decision to increase text related to Native Americans and other indigenous persons.

The article points out there were omissions of famous indigenous peoples in the virtual pages of Wikipedia. Such an oversight is not purposeful. Wikipedia relies solely on volunteers to contribute content. Anyone can contribute new entries or update a Wikipedia page as long as the rules of the site are met. If no one is writing on a particular topic, then the topic won’t appear. A lack of submissions of indigenous peoples has become glaring so Wikipedia is doing something about it.

Wikipedia has supported an edit-a-thon that coincided with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This particular edit-a-thon follows in the footsteps of other ones that focused on feminist subjects. With such a direct appeal to experts who know these subjects, an increase in diverse content is sure to follow.

Wikipedia content is famous for its ability to provide reference material for people conducting research. The content can be employed for strategic means as well. A decent presence on Wikipedia can be weaved into all manner of marketing and public relations campaigns. Simply linking to a detailed Wikipedia page from a commercial website gives visitors a confidence boost towards the subject of the content.

The aforementioned Get Your Wiki service could absolutely help those wondering what is needed to create the best Wikipedia page. What is needed is the right help. Get Your Wiki can produce and even translate Wikipedia content on behalf of a customer.

And customers do want to feel confident that the material composed and published on the Wikipedia page will yield the desired result. On the most basic level, the content has to enhance the reputation of the subject. Professional-level writing helps with this outcome.

Wikipedia remains a fantastic source of assistance to those who read its pages. The subjects presented on the pages have much to gain as well.

When you want to be sure that you are able to obtain a degree in technology, Wessex Institute of Technology provides an excellent starting point. This is a school that provides higher-level degrees and is located in southern England. Some of the areas of specialty include transfer mechanisms, research and other facets of technology.

This is a prestigious institution that has created Nobel Prize winners and other medal winners over several years. They also participate in some renowned conferences which are integral in technological advancements over the years. Some of the conferences they dissipate in deal with things like big data, risk analysis, heritage and future, waste management, environmental technology and complex systems.

This institution publishes a number of technological journals and peer-reviewed papers on a regular basis. They have also been on the cusp of design and research for a number of different advancements over the course of several years. Check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia for more information.

When trying to find the right hair products, it is always important to ensure you know what your hair really needs. These products are made from different ingredients and you need to come up with a product that is not a threat to your hair. WEN by Chaz is the most reliable line of products which you can use for your hair whether it is damaged or healthy. These products are made of the best ingredients and natural materials to ensure they meet all your hair care needs. You will be able to take care of your hair when using these products since they strengthen, nourish and improve the overall health of your hair.

Wen by Chaz Dean ( products work for men and women who have different types of hair. You can purchase these products on Amazon. Wen improves the health of your hair and provide it with all essential ingredients to make it strong. In case your hair id dyed, these products will ensure it remains strong and is not harmed by the harsh chemicals present in the dye. This will ensure your hair does not break and is not prone to any kind of danger. Wen by Chaz products makes it easier for you to maintain, style and brush your hair without even using heat devices. Keep in mind that heat devices that are used to style your hair such as curling irons makes your hair weak. You can therefore decide to use Wen by Chaz which is a safer method of styling your hair.


Cleaning your hair is very important especially if you spend most of your time outdoors. Your hair collects a lot of dust and other substances which can be washed off using shampoo or conditioner. You can use these products to clean your hair frequently especially conditioners since they treat and nourish your hair. Shampoos get into your scalp leaving your head feeling fresh and clean.

Check out the WEN Facebook page and Twitter account  to learn more about the products.

A new technology has emerged, and I say it is about time. Video visitation for inmates across this country is long overdue. Video visitation works a lot like a video chat. People all across this country will log into their computers today in order to connect with friends over a video chat service. However, equating prison video visitation with commercial video chat services is shortsighted. Video chat, an innovation brought to the criminal justice system by Securus Technologies, is so much more.


Securus Technologies video visitation is an innovation that helps law enforcement. The video visitation service schedules visitation for employees at the prison. A user logs into their Securus account, requests a video visitation time, and that request is sent to prison guards. The prison then confirms, denies, or revises the video visitation request. This scheduling software allows an employee at the prison to focus on more pressing matters.


More and more families are choosing video visitation over physical visitation. Video visitation costs only about $2.72 per video chat. Video visitation is also instant, saving families the time it would take to drive all the way across the state to a prison. This technology also saves families on travel costs. It is no surprise to learn that Securus is connecting 160,000 people per month.


Nearly 2 million people were connected with video visitation last year. This number continues to rise. As more people choose video visitation or physical visitation, less people are showing up to prisons. Prisons are already overcrowded. This technology alleviates some of the foot traffic that might otherwise be problematic. It also takes some of the burden off of security forces within the prison. With less people coming through the door, there is less of a demand for security screenings. This technology is incredibly helpful for law enforcement.


The SEC has long had a problem getting people to inform on corruption because whistleblowers have always run the risk of being sued or having retaliation in some way. In addition, there has never been much of any financial incentive for them to do so. That has changed. In 2010, Congress performed the biggest overhaul of the U.S. financial system since the Great Depression. This historic overhaul was known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act resulted in several very significant reforms.


One of these was the Dodd-Frank Acts which sought to give incentives to prospective whistleblowers to the SEC by offering full protection and significant monetary reward. After this legislation, Labaton Sucharow became the first law firm to realign itself to focus exclusively on whistleblowers. Their Whistleblower Representation Practice is staffed with some of best investigators, financial accountants, and forensic accountants in the world. This world-class is headed by Jordan Thomas, former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement at SEC.


Thomas is an ideal leader because he helped develop the Whistleblower Program from the ground up. The Whistleblower Program works by offering whistleblowers full protection from retribution and eligible whistleblowers get 10 to 30% of the monetary sanctions that result if it results in the acquisition of at least $1 million in sanctions. They may even be awarded more depending on the sanctions that are acquired. Although, as mentioned, all whistleblowers are guaranteed full protection against retaliation, the program does give whistleblowers the option to remain anonymous.


You can contact the SEC Whistleblower Program by telephone, email, or through their online website. The first in-person consultation meeting is free. The firm has translators available for clients who need it. Over its 50 years of legal experience, Labaton Sucharow has successfully helped clients recover billions of dollars. They have only grown in their vast knowledge and legal capability. And now it is fully committed to protect and reward those who report on corruption in the marketplace. Girded with this incredible ability and passion, they are sure to make a great difference.

People that consider themselves millennials don’t really think of the world in the same way that older individuals usually do. They have been exposed to different experiences throughout their entire lives and as such, they have managed to transform their outlook on life when it comes to the things they can accomplish, both within their social activities and their professional endeavors. They are also smart enough to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and know when one is right around the corner. As such, many of them are making full use of the availability of membership in Magnises, an elite club that is helping young professionals achieve everything they have ever hoped for and then some.

Founder and Guide
What exactly is Magnises? Magnises is a club that was founded by Billy McFarland, someone who understood what millennials were looking for when it came to building a community, enjoying an online presence and making the right social and professional connections. It all seems simple enough now, but the very idea that he was able to think of it before the club actually came to fruition is nothing short of genius. Fortunately, he had the foresight to do exactly that and now, young individuals along the eastern part of the United States use the club to create new friendships and business partnerships along the way.

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A Match Made in Heaven
Without a doubt, Magnises and millennials are a match made in heaven. There are so many times that the special events provide much more than just a fun experience for young individuals. Instead, they can serve as the springboard that initiates a partnership that allows them to further enhance their professional goals. In many cases, they are using these events to create a wide network of individuals that can help them reach their own personal and professional goals. Since the whole operation is geared toward young individuals, it works perfectly with their lifestyle so it is able to fit in seamlessly with what they are already doing.

Connecting with Social Media
Obviously, the foremost method of communication for young people involves social media. It only makes sense that the club will communicate in this way. Millennials already have a wide array of social network accounts and as such, they sometimes communicate with hundreds or even thousands of individuals on a daily basis. Creating a network that uses this platform means that they can take full advantage of it. It also means that Magnises is capable of getting the word out about special events while spending a minimum amount of time and effort doing so.

When it is all said and done, it is astounding how young individuals have mastered this unique form of communication, one that allows them to communicate effectively with so many people in such a short amount of time. It is these same types of qualities that they put to work when it comes to creating important social and professional contacts, thereby giving them the opportunity to create a community of individuals who share similar interests, thoughts and values. It is no wonder that Magnises has become such a resounding success, largely because it works hand-in-hand with individuals that have found their own unique ways to be successful at the same time.

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There seems to be a common theme for success. A lot of successful people give back to their community. While not every rich person is generous, it does seem to be common for successful people to give back to the community. Perhaps one of the reasons is that successful people are not only making a lot of money, but they are working in the industries that they enjoy. This brings more meaning to their lives. When they experience the meaning and joy in their lives, they will want to share this type of success with others in a multitude of ways.

Jason Hope is one of the people who is very involved in giving back to the community. He does more than just donate to charities or give money to people. He also looks for ways to challenge the way that disease and conditions are treated and donates his own money to medical research, such as cancer and disease prevention efforts. One thing that he sees is that people would be better helped if everyone took a more proactive approach to treating disease. For one thing, people often find themselves suffering health problems because they are made to wait until after they are affected by the condition in order to treat it. Also, the condition that is being treated is often a symptom of a bigger problem.

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Jason Hope wants to bring forth new schools of thought so that people will be able to enjoy the benefits that it brings. For one thing, he is hoping for his new thinking towards technology brings forth greater health for people. He also wants to make sure that the lifespan of each human being is improved for the generations to come. Fortunately, with the growth and development of the internet, such progress is coming closer to being realized. Jason is someone who should be looked to because he truly cares about humanity.


To learn more about Jason Hope’s grant program for high school and university students, click here.

A home without a collection of the best wines in the UK stands no chance to impress at a dinner table. Known for its love of wine, Europe has provided fertile grounds for UK Vintners to thrive. Having held the first position worldwide in wine consumption until 2014, British wine companies seem to be doing a pretty good justice to their citizens.

However, the future doesn’t look promising for UK Vintners: Unless of course, the UK expands its current export base. Statics have predicted that the US is likely to maintain their lead over the next years. The US overtook France in wine consumption in 2014 for the first time in history. Not sure what happened to the American’s favorite brandy and liquor. This is a topic for another day.

So Who Are The Giants Behind This Industry?

The Vintners’ Company

This company has stood the test of time. With over 650 years in this business! Since they opened their doors in 1363, the company has continuously produced the best in the market. Probably the reason they have aged as the most respected UK Vintners.

Several startup companies look up to them for mentorship. They have also strengthened the wine society in the UK by being in the front row. Other than that, the Vintners’ Company is a great supporter of non-charitable organizations within the UK. They even have their own; The Benevolent!

Farr Vintners Ltd

Started in 1978, this company owes its existence to immigration. Hong Kong immigrants in Britain established this great company and drove its sales fiercely in the UK. They have located their head office in London; the heart of European business.

A great tool they used, and still use today is relatively low pricing of their brands. Having partnered with Bordeaux wines, Farr Vintners Ltd enjoys quick turnovers. In addition, they outsource more international brands from other renowned wine countries.

A&B vintners

Established in 1998, this company took the wine market by surprise. Fancy wine bottles started with A&B UK vintners. But they are not all about fancy bottles. They manufacture and taste the best wines in the UK. Ultimately, their brands speak volumes in the annual sales turnovers.

Capital Vintners

These are a rather young entrant, having opened their doors in 2005. They offer over 6500 different wines. What a huge collection! With a head office located in London, sales have been guaranteed for Capital Vintners. The recent partnership with London International Vintners Exchange will see their sales skyrocket.

Family Owned Outstanding UK Vintners

Four Vintners

Formed in 1954, the company is quite professional. They have wine distribution points across strategic locations in the UK. They offer free delivery for bulk orders. In addition, they have a diverse product base that includes spirits among other products.

Arkell’s Limited

Established in 1843, Arkell’s has stuck to the traditional way of brewing. This is probably an advantage with the old customers, especially for the beers. Delivery is free for clients within reach despite the order value.

Are the overhead costs still manageable? With the inception of better brewing methods to reduce production costs, maybe it’s time the company diversifies.