Date announced for Talk Fusion’s Incentive Trip to Italy

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A companywide broadcast was made by the management of Talk Fusion. During the broadcast, they stated that they would be awarding a trip to Milan to Independent associates who will succeed in reaching their goals at developing their brands this year. Milan has been chosen as the luxury trip destination because it is the fashion capital of the world and has attractions such as savory Italian cooking, sightseeing excursions and many other five star attractions. The trip would sponsor the associates and their spouses and would be all expenses paid for.

This is just one of the many incentives that the company has been putting out for their customers. Other awards and incentives that have been given out by the company include Rolex watches, Mercedes Benzes, trips to Hawaii and Orlando Florida among many others. The associates also get to vacation in Dubai every year from the first to the fourth of December.

Bob Reina, the CEO to talk fusion stated that as a company, they were dedicated towards making sure that their customers and associates got the best out of their experience working with and for them. The prize will be up for grabs for all the current and future associates of the company that are taking part in the first instant pay compensation plan. The people normally get additional income by sharing the comprehensive video by the company that is used to market all the products they have for the customers. The people who will go for the trip are expected to have reached the rank of diamond by the end of October 2017.

Talk Fusion has been operation since 2008. They have been developing software that assists people in the workplace manage their communication in a simpler manner. The latest of their application has been upgraded such that it is possible to communicate from one person to another via video calling. The app is freely downloadable and does not require one to have an account to communicate. It has been improved such that android users and IOS device users can both connect and chat via video. This and many others are the products that the company keeps supplying to the market.