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ClassDojo has raised a bunch of money to make an app for teachers and parents alike. They have raised over twenty one million dollars for the cause. This technology helps teachers and parents stay connected to discuss their children and the children in their classroom.

This app allows teachers to communicate a lot of different things to parents. It allows them to talk about their behavior in the classroom. It allows them to talk about a child’s social skills. It also is a platform to talk about any activities a student is participating in.

The founders of ClassDojo are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Chaudhary says that the point of ClassDojo is to help with learning by encouraging conversations between parents and teachers. This allows both parties to offer support to each other and students. This way parents know exactly how well their children are doing in any given school year.

There are a lot of benefits for teachers when using this platform. Teachers can use it to let parents know of any activities that are occurring that month. They can also send photos to parents through the app to show what their child is doing that day. They can also send videos to parents.

ClassDojo was made in 2011. The founders said there were a lot of apps centered around learning such as grade books and platforms for testing. However, there wasn’t anything to foster communication between teachers and parents. Now teachers that are instructing kindergarten through eighth grade use this app the most.

The great thing about this company and app is they have promised not to make money off of people’s personal information. They believe that the privacy of children is important. They will be creating content that people pay for.

This app also allows parents to pay teachers for certain activities. They can pay them for supplies and lunches. They can also pay them for field trips.

ClassDojo was created in 2011. On their website they have resources for both teachers and students. The teacher resources shows you how to use the program.

The mission of ClassDojo is to establish a community where parents, teachers, and students can change the way they are educated. This company is one of the fastest growing teaching technologies. It is used by over a million people. It is used in over one hundred and eighty different countries around the world.