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Many people across the United States have always tried to achieve success in their investments or making their businesses successful. For the people to achieve personal success, it is important to make smart investments or to adopt business ideas that will help the business grow. The Midas Legacy helps clients across the country achieve this plus other benefits that have the result of holistic feeling.

The consultancy firm, The Midas Legacy, specializes in helping people make smart investments as well as improving their businesses. The consultancy company is headquartered in Winter Garden in the State of Florida. The company has managed to help people who wish to make an early retirement by helping them make investments that lead to the realization of this goal. On top of this, the company has developed a system where they help the people coming for financial advice with achieving inner peace, happiness and leading a healthy fulfilling life. For entrepreneurs who wish positively to touch the lives of others in the real estate sector, the financial industry, provision of natural health and entrepreneurship by providing the required capital to steer the wheels running.

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Once the clients come for the consultation at the firm, the process begins by receiving a free guide called the Midas Code. The company has experts highly experienced in their area to enable the client better achieve success in their targets. They include successful entrepreneurs on, best-selling authors and experts in the financial sector who have studied and traded stocks successfully. Some of these members of staff at Midas Legacy include the principal editor Sean Bowe, Mark Edwards who is a specialist in natural cures and publisher Jim Samson. These are some of the best minds in their fields and have gained experience that goes many years. The consultation places them in a position to know the fears that starting a business or new investors have when trying to join the industry. They ensure that the clients achieve their goals as well as finding happiness while they learn the process.

To give back to the community, Midas Legacy has been involved in various community projects in the State of Florida. The company has worked with the Florida Sheriffs Association which accredited the firm as a Gold Business Member. To fight cancer in children, the company donates to Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Other foundations that receive donations from Midas Legacy include the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Salvation Army as well as the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Brian Bonar is the current Chief Executive Officer and the Chairperson of Dalrada financial services Company. He has also been named the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of this year in Financial services.

While he has been included in the Who’s Who Registry in Cambridge as an honor, only two female and two males are selected from every discipline and named the years executives. The Who’s Who Cambridge Committee selection chooses these special honorees based on their academic experiences, professional experiences, leadership abilities.

With more than three decades in professional corporate management experience in the world of finance, Brian Bonar is positioned uniquely to oversee all the operations of Dalrada Financial Corporation. For more than one decade, he has been serving as the chairperson and Chief Executive Officer Positions that have held him responsible for a vast selection of employer and employee benefits as well as aftermarket products.

The firm also acts as marketing liaison that supplies its clients with a wide array of employee programs that are designed to enhance and increase efficiency in business. These includes risk management insurance, employee benefits, business and promotional management, and financial management.

He is also the CEO and the chairman of Smart-Tek Automated services company and the Professional Business service company president.

Dalrada Financial Services Company provides businesses and companies with PEO. Dalrada also offers a broad range of employer and employee benefits as well as aftermarket products.

The firm also acts as a market liaison, providing its customers with a broad variety of employee programs that are designed to increase efficiency in business. These programs include risk management insurance, employee benefits business, and promotional as well as financial management services.

Whitepages reveals that Brian Bonar is a fruitful and popular executive in finance. He is also the president of Trucept. Brian has also an extensive background in business leadership, having served as the leader of Dalrada Financial services firm.

Part of his success is understood by his technical background; he is a genius in the development of a working business structure. Brian Bonar has also received a technical Engineering bachelor’s degree from the technical college of James Watt. He then proceeded to earn a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stanford.

Brian Bonar has worked as the general procurement manager at IBM. He later worked as the engineering director for QMS company and manager more than 100 employees. He then continued as the sales manager for Adaptec.

After acquiring enough experience in leadership and corporate management, he funded Bezier Systems. He then worked for few more companies before earning extraordinary experience and success in the management of Dalrada Financial incorporation where he was referred as a pleasant and helpful colleague.

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Securus Technologies is a for-profit prisons technology company which is based in Dallas, Texas, USA and was founded in 1986. Global Tel-Link(GTL) is a private for-profit company that provides communication services to inmates across the USA. GTL was founded in 1980 and is based in Alabama with Mr. Brian Oliver as its CEO. Securus and GTL operate across North America as inmate service providers. Complaints have emerged about misconduct involving Global Tel-Link. GTL has been in the limelight exaggerated charges for their services.

Securus Technologies goes ahead and takes an initiative to expose GTL’s misconduct. According to Securus’ CEO, they purpose to have a series of exposures, in a bid to save the inmate communication provision sector from extortion. According to Securus press release dated June 7th, 2016, Securus Technologies takes a step into achieving its goal of having the public informed of GTL’s acts. Securus’s CEO Mr. Richard Smith says the company is there to ensure customer satisfaction rather than just making money.

Securu’s first exposure step is done through a report by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. The report faults out GTL for customer extortion in four different ways. The report states that GTL carried out the misconduct at the time when GTL was contracted to provide out band telecom services to prisoners at Louisiana Department of Corrections. GTL is said to have allegedly programmed telephone clocks in the correctional facility to add extra time to calls.

The programming is said to have been adding 15 or 36 extra seconds to the normal call-time which would bring out an untrue call bill. GTL also allegedly programmed its telephones to bill on calls at a higher rate than the rates permitted within its tariffs. GTL is also accused of introducing add-on programs which are billed on clients without their notice. The report too indicates that GTL billed some calls twice, translating to double costs to the clients. Money exhorted from GTL clients at that time go up to $1,243,000. The report was released by LPSC on 21st January 1988. 18 years down the line, Securus says the act hasn’t stopped yet thus prompting them to act upon it.

Information about the first exposure step is found Securus – GTL Integrity Breaches. Additional information about Securus is found in the links below.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.