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Ask anyone and they’ll probably agree that online reputation matters. But ask someone from United Airlines and they’ll be able to offer up an objective number. The company recently saw the results of popular song directed against them. And the company estimates that they lost close to $180 million because of it. And all of that was simply due to a few employees who were behaving badly at just the worst moment. A few people were mishandling a guitar in sight of the owner. And elsewhere, other employees decided to improperly handle his requests for compensation. It was only a few people, but it was enough to prompt the guitar owner to write a song about it. And the song wound up catching the world’s attention.

This is often how negative reputation spreads within the world. It only takes a very small percentage of people within a large company to spark these types of media fires. And once it happens it can seem like it’s impossible to put out. But at the same time one shouldn’t lose sight of the other side of reputation. The positive effects of reputation on a company’s profit can be equally impressive. A study performed by Harvard estimated that even a one star increase on Yelp would be enough to raise a company’s profit by around five to nine percent. The conclusion is pretty clear from these two examples. Negative effects on a company’s reputation can have severe negative repercussions. Meanwhile, positive online reputation management can have an impressive effect on a company’s profit.

This might seem like a somewhat academic distinction at first. After all, if much of it is due to chance combinations of employees and customers than it might seem like nothing can be done. But in reality the medium in question brings some significant options to the table. Most of the big issues with reputation management these days happens online. It’s the main forum used to share opinions with the world. And it’s also where companies can make a big impact with changing public views.

One company in particular is making waves with their ability to fix bad reviews. The Search Fixers are doing exactly what their name suggests. They work with companies to change reputations online. One of the biggest examples of how negative reputation impacts a company is with search engines. The Search Fixers aim to fix bad search results and match what a company seeks to project to the world. They create a positive impression of a company online. And when people look for information about that company, The Search Fixers reputation management consultants make sure that they’ll come away impressed. And this translates to profit for a company.
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