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Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces

Co-working spaces have been proven to be a more effective and productive work environment. According to research in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, those who work in co-working spaces report more satisfaction and are proven to thrive. “Thriving” is defined as excelling at work and reporting satisfaction with life outside of the workplace. In short, it seems like a co-working space helps people be more effective at work and improves their life.

There seem to be a number of reasons for this. People tend to feel that their work is more meaningful in a co-working space environment. It is believed that this is because everyone around the employee has different skills. Most of them can’t do what the employee does, making them feel like they have value as an employee.

A co-working space is accessible all day and night. Workers can put in a long day or they can leave early. They can choose to work in a quiet space or a collaborative open area. They can even work from home if they like. There is a certain amount of structure, as people seem to excel when given a daily routine.

Because the people around them have different jobs, people who work in a co-working space don’t feel the need to be competitive and there is no need to put on a “public face.” In short, work becomes more relaxed and less stressful. The worker can focus on their job without getting tangled up in office politics.

Co-working spaces are committed to provide a more healthy workspace. Many have signed the Co-working Manifesto, a document that lays out the principles of co-working. It involves collaboration, a sense of community, and friendship over formality.

One such co-working space is Workville in New York City. Located right next to Times Square, the offer New York offices for rent that house a large community of innovative small businesses and start-ups.

There are offices and open desk areas. There’s a café and a lounge. There are three terraces, allowing people to work outside if the so choose. There are prices to rent offices or sign on to work in an open area. There are even daily and hourly rates.

A co-working space is a modern concept that embraces the new ways that people get work done. More spaces are being opened and are at the forefront of a movement dedicated to creating a new, healthier way to get work done.