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George Soros, the smart investor, author, and prominent philanthropist gained global fame after shorting the British pound and pocketing a profit of $1 billion in September 1992. On just a single currency assumption, Soros had risked $10 billion. He founded and managed Quantum Fund that acquired an annual return of over 30 percent under his leadership. George Soros ventured into the philanthropy world in 1979 after he started offering funds to assist black students to not only attend Cape Town University but also graduate and establish a professional career. As the Chair of Open Society Foundations, Soros has strived to promote values such as human rights, government accountability, and transparency.

Soros took a long break from active business to manage his family investments and oversee the operation of the Open Society. Recently, the self-established billionaire announced his intention to return to trading. His goals are to make immense profits from opportunities that will be created by the economic troubles that he is foreseeing. The hedge fund manager has already directed extraordinary amount of investment in new ventures and his existing businesses. Soros is anticipating big market shifts and global economic recession. His return to business is already causing ripples in the corporate word.

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Early life and investment competence

Soros relocated from Hungary to England in 1947. In 1952, he earned a degree in Economics from the London Schools of Economics. He has worked as an investment manager and credit analyst in several firms headquartered in New York such as F.M. Mayer, Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder, and Wertheim & CO. With a goal to create a thriving business empire, Soros founded a hedge fund firm known as Soros Fund Management. Under his leadership, the hedge fund became a prestigious and successful Quantum Fund. Apart from generating returns of over 30 percent on a yearly basis, the successful hedge fund made returns of over 100 percent on two occasions.

Soros has been monitoring his company’s investment and on several occasions became active in running the affairs of the company especially after the fund made losses. This year, Soros has been actively involved in business. He has been building alliances with several executives in all sorts of industries. Soros Fund Management that manages about $30 billion for his family sold stocks and purchased shares and gold in gold miners. Investing in precious metals is one of the strategies Soros is using to protect his wealth from market shifts and global economic crisis.

Soros has authored several books such as The Tragedy of the European Union (2014). His articles touch on the topics of society, economics, and politics. Additionally, his essays are published in major magazines and newspapers across the globe. Soros is a role model to people who have missions of succeeding in the business world.

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