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Beneful is a line of dog food from Purina that features fresh ingredients for improving and maintaining your dog’s health. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, Beneful foods provides you with nutritious options that your furry family members will enjoy.
Dry dog foods from Beneful include Healthy Puppy, which includes vegetables and real chicken. This food provides young, growing dogs with the fiber and protein that is needed for blood sugar regulation and muscle development. Healthy Weight dry dog food also contains real chicken, as well as carrots, green beans and apples. These ingredients help to satiate hunger and provide dogs with essential vitamins and minerals.

Beneful provides a number of wet dog food ( varieties as well. Incredibites come in beef, chicken or salmon varieties, and include carrots, tomatoes and wild rice for a complete meal. Incredibites are high in protein, and contain a number of antioxidants and fiber for a nutritious meal that is both filling and healthy.

Chopped Blends are filled with premium cuts of meat and healthy starches as well. Whether your dog prefers beef and barley, chicken with wild rice or turkey with brown rice, you can find a tasty combination to boost your pet’s health. Chopped Blends also contain vegetables like peas, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Beneful offers treats for dogs, too. When your dog is in need of a snack, you can purchase Healthy Smile Dental Ridges to freshen your dog’s breath and whiten your pet’s teeth.

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