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Bernardo Chua is not only an extremely successful entrepreneur in the international business world but his company offers by direct sales superior nutritional products that bring health to a stressed-out generation.

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of the global gourmet coffee company Organo. He has developed a way to combine coffees and teas with the ancient Chinese mushroom Ganoderma Lucidim, and provide a unique way to get the benefits of this super herb. while drinking coffee. Healthy coffee; is there anything better?.

Mr. Chua began Organo in 2008. He had started another company called Gano Excel in 2001, where he introduced and developed a worldwide direct sales and marketing strategy into a networking system that has allowed him to take Organo into 37 countries in just eight years. The most recent country to open for distribution is Turkey.

Turkey is a modern, fast-paced country that would benefit from the properties of the Ganoderma, and it is a country that drinks a lot of coffee and tea, so it’s a perfect fit. The first coffee shop in Turkey was during the 1500s, so it has been population well acclimated to the hot beverage.

With Organo, Bernardo is able to reach the middle-class people is a casual way that doesn’t require taking any pills. Of course, Organo has the Ganoderma in capsule form for the customer who would prefer it that way, and they also offer other superior nutrients and natural personal care products.

Organo now has over one million distributors and is growing every day. If you are interested in joining with the award winning Bernardo Chua in his mission to take Ganoderma to the world infused into delicious Columbian coffee, now is the time to become a distributor. Organo headquarters are in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada, but if you live in any of the 37 countries that are open to the Coffee Connoisseur Club, you are able to be a distributor. Go to Bernardo’s Facebook for more information.

Beneful is a line of dog food from Purina that features fresh ingredients for improving and maintaining your dog’s health. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, Beneful foods provides you with nutritious options that your furry family members will enjoy.
Dry dog foods from Beneful include Healthy Puppy, which includes vegetables and real chicken. This food provides young, growing dogs with the fiber and protein that is needed for blood sugar regulation and muscle development. Healthy Weight dry dog food also contains real chicken, as well as carrots, green beans and apples. These ingredients help to satiate hunger and provide dogs with essential vitamins and minerals.

Beneful provides a number of wet dog food ( varieties as well. Incredibites come in beef, chicken or salmon varieties, and include carrots, tomatoes and wild rice for a complete meal. Incredibites are high in protein, and contain a number of antioxidants and fiber for a nutritious meal that is both filling and healthy.

Chopped Blends are filled with premium cuts of meat and healthy starches as well. Whether your dog prefers beef and barley, chicken with wild rice or turkey with brown rice, you can find a tasty combination to boost your pet’s health. Chopped Blends also contain vegetables like peas, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Beneful offers treats for dogs, too. When your dog is in need of a snack, you can purchase Healthy Smile Dental Ridges to freshen your dog’s breath and whiten your pet’s teeth.

For more information on the great products Beneful has to offer, visit

Step into the life of one real-world, working family. Dad drops off the kids at school and Mom realizes that she forgot to send Jr. with anything to drink. Jr. has to stay after school today and is going to gym, so he needs his usual juice box for lunch plus a bottle of water. One quick text-like message to Teacher. About five minutes later, zap, Mom and Dad both get a picture of Jr. holding up his lunchbox, juice box, bottle of water, and a wide grin. Dad and Mom instantly are relieved and the teacher gets instant feedback. A heartfelt thank you, encouragement and appreciation for everything Teacher does on a daily basis.

It is this style of instant, affirming, and necessary communication that Class Dojo brings to the modern classroom. In the moment of what is essentially a text message; parents, teachers, and students are engaging, virtually.

Students receive daily, and sometimes hourly, feedback. “Way to go” on that spelling test Jr. studied for with Mom. “Great presentation” with a snapshot of Jr. confidently poised before his peers. It is this sort of contact that keeps parents, students, and teachers abreast of the daily work, improvement, and areas of need for young scholars. Students can easily reflect on their own progress and achievements with the constant communication.

Teacher’s keep abreast of the changing needs of students with the communication and help of parents. This type of open forum is essential for happy parents and hands-on teachers.

The app is easy to upload and simple to use. It works a lot like text messaging works. The app can also be used online through a private website provided to parents at the beginning of each school year. Each parent has their own passcode that links them directly to their student’s information. No other parent is able to see the details for another student.

Fast forward to the end of Mom and Dad’s workday and Jr.’s school day. Mom and Dad high five each other for remembering to put Jr.s lunchbox and water bottle near the front door. They also give Jr. a high five for his radical public speech at school.

That is what Class Dojo offers. It is an opportunity to bring the family together – both at school and at home for students.

QNET is a direct selling company owned by the QI Group. QNET was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. QNET sells a number of different products including those in the personal care, home care, and nutrition industries.

QNET’s marketing strategy is centered around multi-level marketing. A group of independent representatives promote their products to consumers and then receive compensation based on their referrals and sales volume.

The company started with the vision for using marketing to promote better wellness and healthy living. QNET has a tough testing process that all new products must adhere to before being selected to the brand. Products are measured by their standards and ideals. This approach is very different compared to other businesses.

QNET is dedicated to promoting a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. This view is practiced throughout all parts of QNET’s business strategies and products. QNET does not allow any non-vegetarian ingredients in any of their products. QNET also promotes testing that does not harm animals. QNET is proud to to say that no animals are used during their testing methods. QNET tries to spread awareness about the dangers of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes by reducing the amount of sugar and chemicals in their products.

QNET follows the philosophy to help people better themselves while helping others. QNET takes giving back to the community very seriously. QNET is dedicated to their involvement in philanthropy. The company helps serve local communities and societies with a number of different community centered programs. QNET wants to be known for promoting good social responsibility.