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If you aren’t familiar with the mobile app ‘Handy’ then you likely will be in the next couple of years. The company and corroborating application was founded and built by Oisin Hanrahan and friend Umang Dua. Handy, also known as Handybook, is aiming to be the final on demand service that you’ll ever need and so far the company is surging in a way that makes the goal not even slightly hyperbolic. Hanrahan calls Handy, ‘The Uber of home maintenance’ and if their numbers are any indication he might just be right.

Handybook’s goal is to offer on demand services to customers all over the world. You merely open up the application and input the type of work you need done around the house. These services range from home cleaning to furniture moving and construction with all sorts of jobs in between to fill out the niches. Right now the company is loaded with freelancers who utilize Handybook as a means of offering services and their numbers are showing 10,000 booked jobs per month. Right now Handy is operating only in 13 large cities, primarily in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and San Francisco, but their current success could only mean that a larger expansion is on the horizon.

Handy is all about giving customers the convenience that they need and that’s why you can see such a renewed focus on making the application smooth and easy to operate for both job providers and job consumers. Simply attach your credit card to the application, enter your zip code, and then order your job. From there you’ll get to fill out a host of important details such as start time, end time, where you are needing the job done and so on.

Knowing that freelancers are tough to moderate, Handy has put a renewed focus on screening their job providers and ensuring that all workers are top notch. With quality workers offering quality services there seems like full success is all but guaranteed at this point in time. Handybook was started back in 2012 and continues to grow at astronomic rates.