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Richard Thompson is the CEO of the Freshpet Inc. Company based in Bethlehem. It is a developing gourmet food manufacturing company and the only manufacturer of industrial refrigerated pet food on the market. Mr. Thompson is keen about the quality of products that come from his business, and therefore, they solely use fresh ingredients and shun preservatives. He ensures that the products sit on the shelves for the minimum time possible so that they can be consumed while they are still fresh and tasty. The company is part of the fast rising 23.7 billion dollars pet food sector that has convinced pet owners to pay more for quality feeds.
Some manufacturers have been combining salmon and lamb with their kibble and producing feeds that are free from organic grains for years. Traditional pet-food manufacturers are however upgrading their marketing skills to face competition from newcomers such as Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co. who are transitioning the industry to the production of fresh and healthy feeds that are similar to human food. Colgate-Palmolive manufactures food that facilitates weight reduction in dogs. Nestlé’s Purina manufacture personalized pet feeds through their website where pet owners can order their preference. These are among many companies that are trying to come up with the latest types of products that pet owners should have.

The Beneful brand that is produced by Purinastore also consists of high-quality pet feeds that are satisfying to pet owners. They have diverse recipes to suit various needs of the consumers. These include Beneful Original,( Beneful IncrediBites, Beneful Healthy Smile, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Radiance, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful Healthy Fiesta and Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. These feeds have a small percentage of water in them that leads to high dry matter content, which is necessary for the pet’s nutrition. Beneful also produces wet dog food that is made from wholesome ingredients that are delicious to the dog. The wet dog food is produced in twenty different wholesome types that can keep the dog healthy and happy.

Beneful feeds have ingredients such as real meats and vegetables that are rich in vitamins. The feeds provide the best kinds of tastes and textures that help in the nourishment of the pet’s body. The nutrient content of the feeds is also 100 percent complete and balanced. The brand’s dry and wet feed contain antioxidants and Omega-rich ingredients. The nutrition value of the feeds produced by the Beneful brand makes it the top brand in the Wal-Mart market.