George Soros Talks About The Ukrainian Crisis, His Philanthropic Work And The Chinese Economic Transition

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George Soros has of late been very vocal on controversial issues that touch on human rights and the economic situation of the world. He has shown great concern over the Ukrainian crisis and the effects of this crisis on Europe. George Soros points out an accusing finger to Russia for the woes facing Ukraine. For some time now, Russia has been working against the straight motives of the European Union. He says that this country under the governance of President Vladimir Putin has been committing lots of international crimes by infringing on the sovereignty of different world nations. George Soros says that Angela Merkel on, the German Chancellor and the Chair lady of the European Union should act fast to find a lasting solution that will contain Russia’s activities. George Soros adds that Angela Merkel should also put plans in place that will resolve the Ukraine crisis as fast as possible.

Russia recently named George Soros and his two human rights activist groups operating in the country enemies of the state. It went ahead to ban George Soros and the two human rights groups supported by George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation from operating in the country. Ever since George Soros topped the business world, has been fighting for governments across the world – majorly Russia – to respect human rights and follow principles of democracy. George Soros has sourced billions to fund human rights and democracy movements in hostile countries across the world. George Soros has also stood firm on international platforms and condemned bad leadership and governments without any fear. George Soros said that having experienced the agony and suffering in Hungary during the aftermath of the second world war, he understands the importance of democratic governance that is considerate of human rights.

At a Sri Lankan economic forum on, George Soros critically analyzed the Chinese economic transition. As a speaker at the forum, George Soros spend most of his time on stage talking of the similarities between the 2008 and the Chinese economic transition crises. He says that both crises are disrupting markets on a global scale. Furthermore, George Soros States that the current changes being undertaken on the economic strategy of China are economically deadly as the 2008 crisis in its effects. The new consumption and services based economic model preferred by China has so far lead to the devaluation of the country’s yuan. Third world countries are in the midst of badly rising interest rates as a result of this devaluation. In Asia, the yuan devaluation has created numerous market anomalies in the stock and equity industry that have led to a $2.5 trillion loss. This is beside the leading to a business halt in most stock markets in this region within the first week of the year.


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