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The global financial crisis of 2007-08 marks the worst economic disaster of the 21st century. It left many global economies on their knees, and its effects are still being experienced almost a decade later. An investment banker in George Soros saw it coming and warned authorities, but it was a case of too little too late.

In 2011, George Soros forecast another economic disaster in Europe as a result of a soaring debt crisis in Greece. A few years later, the Greek economy collapsed and dragged the entire European Union with it. Numerous attempts have been made by the regional bloc to dig Greece out of trouble with minimal results. A closer look at these two cases reveals the tendency to over-borrow money from local and international markets.

Internal and external borrowing on allows countries to meet their growth and development motives comfortably. However, over reliance on debt leads to an imbalance that eventually topples even the largest economies. In 2007 for instance, the real estate sector in the US had a boom that prompted developers to take billions of dollars from investment banks. These debts went out of control and left minimal deposits in cash reserves.

The Chinese economy seems to exhibit similar traits much to the concern of George Soros and other economic oversight authorities. The Chinese economy started on a low in 2016 but has steadily improved over the months largely because of capital injection in the real estate sector. The credit markets sponsor these injections. Statistics indicate the Chinese debt almost doubles the global average of 1.4 trillion Yuan. Judging from these symptoms, Soros predicts the Chinese economy to be running on borrowed time.
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Elsewhere, George Soros utilizes his financial resources to bring about social and economic change to communities around the world. His philanthropy is made possible by the presence of a network of Open Society Foundations around the world. George Soros is the founding thinker of these foundations and also leads them as the organizing chairperson. Soros feels that his successes in the financial markets over the years’ act as a platform for his philanthropy and moral stand on tough issues.

These foundations operate in the majority of the countries around the world and root out social ills such as illiteracy, corruption, bad governance and human rights violations. Through these networks, Soros, and his partners have reached marginalized group, refugees in war-torn areas provided legal and educational support to needy families.

George Soros feels the world would be a better place if all nations and communities embraced their diversity and sought non-violence and creative means of conflict resolution. He also feels that human beings should be responsible for life and each other.
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If you aren’t familiar with the mobile app ‘Handy’ then you likely will be in the next couple of years. The company and corroborating application was founded and built by Oisin Hanrahan and friend Umang Dua. Handy, also known as Handybook, is aiming to be the final on demand service that you’ll ever need and so far the company is surging in a way that makes the goal not even slightly hyperbolic. Hanrahan calls Handy, ‘The Uber of home maintenance’ and if their numbers are any indication he might just be right.

Handybook’s goal is to offer on demand services to customers all over the world. You merely open up the application and input the type of work you need done around the house. These services range from home cleaning to furniture moving and construction with all sorts of jobs in between to fill out the niches. Right now the company is loaded with freelancers who utilize Handybook as a means of offering services and their numbers are showing 10,000 booked jobs per month. Right now Handy is operating only in 13 large cities, primarily in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and San Francisco, but their current success could only mean that a larger expansion is on the horizon.

Handy is all about giving customers the convenience that they need and that’s why you can see such a renewed focus on making the application smooth and easy to operate for both job providers and job consumers. Simply attach your credit card to the application, enter your zip code, and then order your job. From there you’ll get to fill out a host of important details such as start time, end time, where you are needing the job done and so on.

Knowing that freelancers are tough to moderate, Handy has put a renewed focus on screening their job providers and ensuring that all workers are top notch. With quality workers offering quality services there seems like full success is all but guaranteed at this point in time. Handybook was started back in 2012 and continues to grow at astronomic rates.

Richard Thompson is the CEO of the Freshpet Inc. Company based in Bethlehem. It is a developing gourmet food manufacturing company and the only manufacturer of industrial refrigerated pet food on the market. Mr. Thompson is keen about the quality of products that come from his business, and therefore, they solely use fresh ingredients and shun preservatives. He ensures that the products sit on the shelves for the minimum time possible so that they can be consumed while they are still fresh and tasty. The company is part of the fast rising 23.7 billion dollars pet food sector that has convinced pet owners to pay more for quality feeds.
Some manufacturers have been combining salmon and lamb with their kibble and producing feeds that are free from organic grains for years. Traditional pet-food manufacturers are however upgrading their marketing skills to face competition from newcomers such as Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co. who are transitioning the industry to the production of fresh and healthy feeds that are similar to human food. Colgate-Palmolive manufactures food that facilitates weight reduction in dogs. Nestlé’s Purina manufacture personalized pet feeds through their website where pet owners can order their preference. These are among many companies that are trying to come up with the latest types of products that pet owners should have.

The Beneful brand that is produced by Purinastore also consists of high-quality pet feeds that are satisfying to pet owners. They have diverse recipes to suit various needs of the consumers. These include Beneful Original,( Beneful IncrediBites, Beneful Healthy Smile, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Radiance, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful Healthy Fiesta and Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. These feeds have a small percentage of water in them that leads to high dry matter content, which is necessary for the pet’s nutrition. Beneful also produces wet dog food that is made from wholesome ingredients that are delicious to the dog. The wet dog food is produced in twenty different wholesome types that can keep the dog healthy and happy.

Beneful feeds have ingredients such as real meats and vegetables that are rich in vitamins. The feeds provide the best kinds of tastes and textures that help in the nourishment of the pet’s body. The nutrient content of the feeds is also 100 percent complete and balanced. The brand’s dry and wet feed contain antioxidants and Omega-rich ingredients. The nutrition value of the feeds produced by the Beneful brand makes it the top brand in the Wal-Mart market.

Yeonmi Park has a truly remarkable story that few of us can really comprehend, as she grew in the shut off and tyrannical country of North Korea. Yeonmi Park describes on the Daily Mail UK interview a story of not having anything to eat, consuming frozen potatoes and grass hoppers to survive, and having no conception of what the word freedom meant. She tells about how she never had a dram about getting out of the country and being free, but that the only thing she wanted in life was to have a bowl of rice. Sparked by Yeonmi’s father’s arrest and resulting sentence to a prison camp for a span of eleven years, she had decided that she was going to escape the country with her mother, which she successfully did. Her and her mother ended up getting help to the river that separates North Korea and china, and after having paid off guards to look the other way, crossed the frigid and frozen river into China. Once in China, she came to find out that their crossing was part of a human trafficking operation that would force them to be sold to a buyer, or else face going back to North Korea.

After agreeing to be sold, Park lived with a man for two years, who eventually agreed to reunite her with her mother if she agreed to become his mistress, as well as bring her father into the country from North Korea. After keeping his word and bringing her parents back into her life, her father ended up dying, and she attempted to flee to Mongolia, with the end destination being South Korea. After being caught by police, after crossing the Gobi Desert, she was told that they were going to end up going back to China, and then likely back to North Korea. After begging and pleading, she ended up going to an internment camp in Mongolia and then flying to her final destination of South Korea, where she remains free to this day. Her story is absolutely amazing and she has released a book on Amazon that details her experiences that led to her ultimate freedom.



George Soros has of late been very vocal on controversial issues that touch on human rights and the economic situation of the world. He has shown great concern over the Ukrainian crisis and the effects of this crisis on Europe. George Soros points out an accusing finger to Russia for the woes facing Ukraine. For some time now, Russia has been working against the straight motives of the European Union. He says that this country under the governance of President Vladimir Putin has been committing lots of international crimes by infringing on the sovereignty of different world nations. George Soros says that Angela Merkel on, the German Chancellor and the Chair lady of the European Union should act fast to find a lasting solution that will contain Russia’s activities. George Soros adds that Angela Merkel should also put plans in place that will resolve the Ukraine crisis as fast as possible.

Russia recently named George Soros and his two human rights activist groups operating in the country enemies of the state. It went ahead to ban George Soros and the two human rights groups supported by George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation from operating in the country. Ever since George Soros topped the business world, has been fighting for governments across the world – majorly Russia – to respect human rights and follow principles of democracy. George Soros has sourced billions to fund human rights and democracy movements in hostile countries across the world. George Soros has also stood firm on international platforms and condemned bad leadership and governments without any fear. George Soros said that having experienced the agony and suffering in Hungary during the aftermath of the second world war, he understands the importance of democratic governance that is considerate of human rights.

At a Sri Lankan economic forum on, George Soros critically analyzed the Chinese economic transition. As a speaker at the forum, George Soros spend most of his time on stage talking of the similarities between the 2008 and the Chinese economic transition crises. He says that both crises are disrupting markets on a global scale. Furthermore, George Soros States that the current changes being undertaken on the economic strategy of China are economically deadly as the 2008 crisis in its effects. The new consumption and services based economic model preferred by China has so far lead to the devaluation of the country’s yuan. Third world countries are in the midst of badly rising interest rates as a result of this devaluation. In Asia, the yuan devaluation has created numerous market anomalies in the stock and equity industry that have led to a $2.5 trillion loss. This is beside the leading to a business halt in most stock markets in this region within the first week of the year.


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