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Russian entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov has been impacting the business world for years. Beltyukov is responsible for founding many companies and those companies have brought in millions of dollars.

Alexei Beltyukov’s investment work has included many great companies including Endemic Capital, New Gas Technologies, A-Ventures and Solvy. Beltyukov began his brilliant career working in medicine. Eventually he opted for a change and moved into the business world. Beltyukov eventually would go on to graduate from INSEAD with Master of Business. Beltyukov is very outspoken on Twitter about the fact that his quest for education would not have been achieved without the financial help of scholarships such as The Lister Vickery Scholarship. This experience would shape many of Beltyukov’s career moves moving forward. He felt pressure to make sure that his career demonstrated that he was worthy of this scholarship.

Beltyukov has been known for giving back to others. He created a Russian company called A-Ventures. This well known Russian Group helps other companies within Russia with financial assistance. Beltyukov has also help to create the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. Feeling the need to continue to give back, this scholarship gives financial assistance to Russian students who otherwise would be unable to further their education. Nearly $200,000 has been donated through this platform. Furthermore Beltyukov is helping aspiring Russian entrepreneurs by providing grants to help them start a business.

Beltyukov is also concerned about what these students are doing once they are in the classroom. Recently Alexei created Solvy. This online math resource is geared towards high school students. The program provides lessons,ideas and tips for students seeking to achieve high marks in math. The program also helps teachers by providing immediate feedback allowing to help teachers advance their students.

Alexei has held several titles including CEO and a Board Member for Renova Project, Executive Director for the Renova Project and Vice President of Brunswick Capital. His accomplishments are undeniable and his work has tremendously impacted the Russian world.  Check out Alexei’s author profile on Lulu for more on him.