Business is the Game Igor Cornelsen Has Conquered

Home / Business is the Game Igor Cornelsen Has Conquered reported that Brazil is a country of border to border small businesses. Turn any direction and point a finger in any Brazilian city and you are almost certainly pointing to some company wholly owned by one family. So it is that there is no shortage of business advice in Brazil; for a nominal fee, that is. Most citizens seem to have developed their own strategies in business. But, mostly they boil down to the age old adage: ‘if you will scratch my back, I will scratch yours.’ So, the average business advice most people are equipped to offer is, well, average.

Igor Cornelsen is a rare exception to this seeming rule in South America. He has quite valuable business advice, based upon a massive knowledge base of business acumen he has amassed over the years. Some say he must have psychic abilities when they see his mastery of professional networking and in his business dealings. Not the least of his vast knowledge is a thorough understanding of the dizzying array of sub-cultures Brazil encompasses. With the use of his many talents and amazing depth of knowledge, Mr. Cornelsen has developed great working relationships with the elite and connected. He calls it being connected with the natives.

In South American exporting Igor Cornelsen is known as a risk taker that usually wins in his investments. This is especially true for his agricultural sector holdings. He has become a key person in Brazilian exports. His reputation proceeds him like a legend for anyone looking into starting and succeeding at small business in Brazil. His advice is quite valuable and based on long and widely diverse experience.

Mr. Cornelsen does not just catch fish for people. He works to educate his clients to learn to fish effectively for themselves. His clients are required to study detailed profiles of business sectors and individual companies they are interested in. This study is absolutely required by him for any foreign clients.

Those that ask Igor Cornelsen how he went about becoming the sage adviser, he replies, “Be ready for some red tape. Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end.”