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The Slyce Inc. which is considered to be one of the leading visual search platforms has today announced its financial results for the year and fourth quarter.

The Analysis, financial statements and management discussion for the year ended is now available online.

Business Update
Some of the major customer announcements during the three month period which had ended in 31st October, 2015 include;

Slyce announced its partnership with which is one of the fastest growing footwear retailers in the world on the 12th August 2015. is also the owner of the top North American shoe retailing group. The image recognition platform used by Slyce mobile enables the visitors to take photos of any lady’s footwear which can either be in re al world or from other sources such as magazines.

Slyce Inc. also revealed that Neiman Marcus had increased the Slyce image recognition technology deployment to all the product lines on the 26th August, 2015. The NM app which is rated top and powered by the Slyce enables the customers to take 3D images of the items of any category.

Slyce signed a contract with the specialty retailer Urban Outfitters on 6th October in order to power the visual search for the mobile commerce. The Urban Outfitter currently has more than 230 stores in Europe, United States and Canada and also operates a division of the Urban Outfitters Inc. which is a top lifestyle specialty retail firm that is made up of Terrain brands, Free People, Bhldn and Anthropologie.

Shoe Carnival and Slyce announced an agreement which will integrate the Slyce technology on the 22nd October 2015.

Financial Update
Slyce ended its short form prospectus offering and continued with its private placement financing of approximately $ 7 million on the 10th February, 2016. This was due to the agreement with the lead investor to subscribe up to $ 5 million in units.

Technical Highlights
The main products of Slyce during the 2015 is coming up with new visual search cases and adding robustness around its core. Lots of attention was paid to coming up with a completely new system which will ensure easy onboarding by reducing the efforts of integration which is required from the new customers.

RE/MAX is coming to New York City. RE/MAX’s founder Dave Liniger indicates that his real estate company wants to make big entry into the New York market. Dave understands that his agents have a special challenge to surmount because of the dynamics of the Big Apple. The tactics used in the suburbs will certainly not work in the big city. However, Dave is hopeful that RE/MAX will make a big entry into the market having hired the best specialist team to ensure success right from the start. The company will certainly have to compete against many others that have already settled in the New York City Apartments for rent market.

The details of RE/MAX’s entry were published on Real Estate Weekly that can be accessed here:

Town Residential is the best New York real estate firm with a team of experienced and elite professionals. It is built on a solid foundation that ensures the customers’ needs are well taken care of. It was created by CEO and co-chairman Andrew Heiberger and is co-chaired by Joseph Sitt. In providing excellent services in the New York real estate market, it specializes in luxury residential sales and leasing as well as the marketing of high end housing properties. It offers sales and leasing of property developments in the commercial and retail sectors. It has been recognized as a Best Firm to Work For and one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. It has a leadership of the top most experts comprising four executive members in the team that is known for its expertise, integrity and professionalism. In addition to the four executive leaders, there is a town representative in each office of their offices. This helps to foster collaboration and networking among colleagues, clients and neighbors.

Town Residential is divided into different organs that ensure smooth running so as to provide the very best services to its clients. There is the sales department that is in charge of marketing and selling property. The different neighborhoods that Town Residential is involved in include Tribeca, Midtown West, Soho, Upper West Side, West Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Hells Kitchen and Union Square among others. Town Residential deals with investment sales/ acquisition and disposition and also has tenant and landlord representation. It has over 600 real estate professionals based in Manhattan who have over the years achieved in satisfying 1031 objectives. The Commercial team has access to the most in depth investor pool in Manhattan who help secure the needs of their customers satisfactorily. It also provides its clients with town guides services and relocation services.

The average privacy policy contains 2,514 words and takes 10 minutes to read, according to an article published on and found on Twitter by Sam Tabar.

Tabar, whose handle is @samirtabar, further discovered that if people were paid to read these privacy policies, the total would equal more than the gross domestic product of Florida. In all, the total time spent would equal 53.8 billion hours.

Each billion hours is 114,079 years long, so if you were to travel forward in time that far you would be in the year 6709861, assuming people still used the same calendar. If each person would read the privacy policies, then it would take them 25 full days each year.

Even if you do not choose to read privacy statements, they play a very important role. First, they force a company to think about how they want to use a person’s data. Secondly, they force the entity to be accountable for the data that they collect. Tabar knows that most consumers, however, will never read the privacy statements because they have much more important things to do like play on Facebook.

Russian entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov has been impacting the business world for years. Beltyukov is responsible for founding many companies and those companies have brought in millions of dollars.

Alexei Beltyukov’s investment work has included many great companies including Endemic Capital, New Gas Technologies, A-Ventures and Solvy. Beltyukov began his brilliant career working in medicine. Eventually he opted for a change and moved into the business world. Beltyukov eventually would go on to graduate from INSEAD with Master of Business. Beltyukov is very outspoken on Twitter about the fact that his quest for education would not have been achieved without the financial help of scholarships such as The Lister Vickery Scholarship. This experience would shape many of Beltyukov’s career moves moving forward. He felt pressure to make sure that his career demonstrated that he was worthy of this scholarship.

Beltyukov has been known for giving back to others. He created a Russian company called A-Ventures. This well known Russian Group helps other companies within Russia with financial assistance. Beltyukov has also help to create the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. Feeling the need to continue to give back, this scholarship gives financial assistance to Russian students who otherwise would be unable to further their education. Nearly $200,000 has been donated through this platform. Furthermore Beltyukov is helping aspiring Russian entrepreneurs by providing grants to help them start a business.

Beltyukov is also concerned about what these students are doing once they are in the classroom. Recently Alexei created Solvy. This online math resource is geared towards high school students. The program provides lessons,ideas and tips for students seeking to achieve high marks in math. The program also helps teachers by providing immediate feedback allowing to help teachers advance their students.

Alexei has held several titles including CEO and a Board Member for Renova Project, Executive Director for the Renova Project and Vice President of Brunswick Capital. His accomplishments are undeniable and his work has tremendously impacted the Russian world.  Check out Alexei’s author profile on Lulu for more on him.

Today’s volatile investment market presents uncertainty and unpredictable developments. Any investor who fails to acknowledge this has the least chance of reaching appreciable returns. Investment market tycoon, Brad Reifler continues to mentor those chasing financial security opportunities. In fact, he consults for an estimated ninety-nine percent of investors. What does Reifler encourage investors to exercise when playing with capital markets? Firstly, he’s emphasized how crucial it is to assess financial risk factors, expenditures, and fees when staking money on stocks. Importantly, he recommends creating goals and keeping an inventory of all portfolio assets. How safe is the money? Investors shouldn’t contract financial firms that have a questionable background, Reifler advises in a Reuters piece. Another colossal investing error he’s pointed out is putting every penny on stocks, especially when courting a single commodity.

From Reifler also insisted on investors establishing a reason to pursue financial markets. It’s the foremost decision all investors should take the time to deliberate on thoroughly. Amidst concerns that require careful consideration are the initial investment and goal. Furthermore, he’s highlighted diversification as a formidable investment tool to generate higher returns. Commodity, hedge, and public funds investment opportunities aren’t extended to the significantly populous ninety-nine percent market share. It’s reserved for the mere one-percent of privileged, wealthy investors. Having tasted success as a prominent investment banking connoisseur, Reifer is empowering the growing ninety-nine percent. He’s survived the disappointment of losing money to underperforming stocks and investment opportunities. So, he understands the struggles of ambitious investors that need to share in the wealth of profitable markets. Without the expertise and knowledge, it’s unfeasible for them to invest intelligently.

For ninety-nine percenters wondering what indiscretions cause this problem? Reifler recommends cross-checking financiers’ profile carefully and selecting a reputed investment manager for wealth management. Additionally, he’s suggested lucrative compound investing strategies to increase returns. So, perhaps micro investing could gradually convert into substantial returns with long-term commitment. Too long have investors buy into unreasonable investment transactions that yield the least profitable returns. Certainly, today’s complex stock investment market requires a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Reifler himself manages an investment banking boutique, namely Forefront Management Group, LLC. He established the group in 2009 and currently operates as chief executive. Under the Forefront Group umbrella, Reifler controls a group of subsidiaries. These all consult for wealth management, investment advisory, banking and more. With thirty-something years operating independently, Reifler opened multiple companies before launching Forefront Management Group. reported that Brazil is a country of border to border small businesses. Turn any direction and point a finger in any Brazilian city and you are almost certainly pointing to some company wholly owned by one family. So it is that there is no shortage of business advice in Brazil; for a nominal fee, that is. Most citizens seem to have developed their own strategies in business. But, mostly they boil down to the age old adage: ‘if you will scratch my back, I will scratch yours.’ So, the average business advice most people are equipped to offer is, well, average.

Igor Cornelsen is a rare exception to this seeming rule in South America. He has quite valuable business advice, based upon a massive knowledge base of business acumen he has amassed over the years. Some say he must have psychic abilities when they see his mastery of professional networking and in his business dealings. Not the least of his vast knowledge is a thorough understanding of the dizzying array of sub-cultures Brazil encompasses. With the use of his many talents and amazing depth of knowledge, Mr. Cornelsen has developed great working relationships with the elite and connected. He calls it being connected with the natives.

In South American exporting Igor Cornelsen is known as a risk taker that usually wins in his investments. This is especially true for his agricultural sector holdings. He has become a key person in Brazilian exports. His reputation proceeds him like a legend for anyone looking into starting and succeeding at small business in Brazil. His advice is quite valuable and based on long and widely diverse experience.

Mr. Cornelsen does not just catch fish for people. He works to educate his clients to learn to fish effectively for themselves. His clients are required to study detailed profiles of business sectors and individual companies they are interested in. This study is absolutely required by him for any foreign clients.

Those that ask Igor Cornelsen how he went about becoming the sage adviser, he replies, “Be ready for some red tape. Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end.”