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New pet food upstart Freshpet is breaking into the high-end pet food market in a big way with its unique brand of refrigerated pet foods. Yes, if you’re looking for Freshpet you won’t find it on a shelf in the pet food aisle of the grocery store next to a bag of Purina Dog Chow, you’ll have to go to the refrigerated foods section. And that’s is just fine with Freshpet’s CEO Richard Thompson. Freshpet is charting new territory with it’s proprietary brand of refrigerated dog meals that are sold in their own branded refrigerated display cases. Freshpet’s quality control is similarly unique as shown when manufacturing chief Michael Hieger walks through their production facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and calmly pops a slice of its product into his mouth while saying with a smile “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” This display wasn’t just a show, but a unique way of demonstrating just how safe and delicious the upstart’s product really is. The Company has initially contracted with over 15,000 stores including WalMart, Target, and Whole Foods Markets. Freshpet’s CEO tells whoever will listen that there is a compelling reason why they will succeed in a big way. If your family is into health and wellness and you treat your pet like family we just can’t lose.

Even the other pet food big boys are getting into the healthy and fresh pet food movement. Purina’s Beneful brand is promoting that it uses a series of standards and processes to assure its  Amazon customers of the quality and consistency of its pet food. There are many standards industry wide but Beneful tries to go beyond these standards to track and monitor every single ingredient in the food to ensure that they live up to Beneful’s standards and that the pet food is safe and delicious to eat.

Another specialty pet food manufactured by the Beneful brand is Beneful Healthy Weight. This is a welcomed addition to Purina‘s line of dog foods designed to held the overweight sedentary dog. This dog food is specifically designed with reduced calories, and nutritious, wholesome ingredients to help and maintain muscle development while promoting weight loss. It is also made with nutrient rich vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy shiny coat and lean muscle.