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Darius Fisher’s profile in the world of digital marketing has just risen significantly. Fisher’s name has been placed on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list. Anyone honored by placement on the Innovation 50 list is someone who has contributed something new and innovative to the profession of digital marketing. As co-founder and president of Status Labs, Fisher definitely has shown there is a novel new path to trail blaze. He has shown digital marketing can be effectively employed to help someone whose online reputation has been negatively impacted.

Status Labs is a reputation management firm based in Austin, TX with offices in other cities. Fisher co-founded the company after working as a professional political consultant and copywriter. Essentially, he took many basic techniques designed to help brand and market products and services and came up with various reputation management tactics.

Fixing a reputation takes on great importance in today’s internet-oriented society. When seeking a job, renting an apartment, trying to sell a service, or even making friends, a person’s name is going to be run through the search engines. The results end up creating an impression in people’s minds. As Darius Fisher has pointed out time and time again in media and public appearances, the first page of Google defines people. Unless something concrete is done to improve those results, then the results are not going to change.

The only way to change things is to hire a reputation management professional capable of building a new presence online and in the search engines. This way, search of the internet reveal more positive information. Negative and embarrassing material can be forced down the search results where they won’t do as much harm.

Fisher points out time does not heal search engine wounds. Search engine results do not change or go away due to the passing of days on the calendar. Creating a new website, producing blog entries, and highlighting positive news online are going to be effective. Status Labs, under the management of Darius Fisher, could help with all these steps.

PRWeek has taken note of the work Fisher and his firm has done. PRWeek is one of the most well-respected marketing and public relations magazines n the industry. Honors and awards bestowed by PRWeek mean something. The fact that Darius Fisher has been added to the Innovation 50 list means he really is doing a solid job.