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In 2010, Pravin Kothari founded CipherCloud. This cloud security company is based in San Jose, California. It enables cloud services adoption while at the same time ensuring security, compliance and control. In addition, it develops secure gateways which locally encrypt information considered sensitive before storing in a cloud environment.

The company was launched in February 2011. By then, it solely worked in environments. It later added Amazon Web Services integration. In order to grow further, the company raised 1.4 million dollars in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz. In June 2012, CipherCloud released its Gmail encryption solution. The company showed tremendous growth in its services by September 2012. It could by then encrypt Chatter, and Microsoft Office 365. In addition to that, it launched Connect AnyApp. Connect AnyApp is a software that allowed users to specify fields on web pages they wanted encrypted and the data format and operations would be preserved as they wished.

Enterprises all over the world are today embracing the phenomenon of cloud computing. This has consequently led to the increased usage of cloud services which are offered as Iaas, Saas, and Paas. To keep up with this trend, a company seeking solutions needs to make informed choices since it influences the identity management, privacy as well as access control of the sensitive information they share. This is because it is the nature of cloud computing as a shared resource that develops apprehensions on security across the businesses that use cloud computing and their associated cloud providers for data operations. This is where CipherCloud comes into play as it tries to address these cloud security concerns. It does so by providing cloud protection solutions for data privacy, regulatory compliance requirements and data residency.

Among its many services, Wikipedia showcases that CipherCloud delivers to its clients a set of protection controls. These protection controls include encryption, activity monitoring, tokenization, malware detection and data loss prevention. The company has an Open Platform which eliminates cloud security issues. The Open Platform delivers a single solution which secures the sensitive information across all the customer’s cloud applications while at the same time preserving usability, performance and functionality. This process helps to avoid security concerns from the very beginning at the point of data origination to the time the data leaves the enterprise. In addition to that, the solution gives the users the ability to deal with a number of data security issues (data residency, governance, data privacy, compliance, security and monitoring) in one go.

Its founder and CEO, Pravin Kothari believes that CipherCloud will provide enterprises with the control and visibility over their data in the cloud as well as enable them accelerate cloud adoption by helping the exploit the cloud’s full potential.

George Soros is the founder of Open Society Foundation, an organization which fights for human rights and good leadership all over the world. George Soros himself is a human rights activist who speaks out on controversial issues without fear. He says that his success in business and financial matters obliged him to speak out on issues that no one else would freely speak about.
George Soros was born in Hungary at a time when the Nazis had taken over their government. At this time, the second world war was being fought in the world, and the people of Hungary were suffering from the Nazi oppression. After the war, he grew up in a pro-Nazi government till he was 17 when he escaped to England. His time under the Nazi rule made him experience how being lead by an oppressive government felt. When he started his philanthropic work, he was determined to help the people suffering under the oppressive and dictatorial regimes access democracy and food governance. Even before he started Open Society, he had helped South Africans under apartheid by giving them scholarships. During the Cold War, he helped the anti-communism movements in Germany communicate between the east and the waste Germany. His efforts strengthened the activist in Germany and led to the fall of the Berlin wall.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has also been fighting against Russia’s communism influence and their crude methods of leadership and governments. His Open Society Foundation has been very active in Russia and was fighting against Russia’s attack on other countries. The activist groups were also against Russia’s disturbing behavior of siding with rebel and funding them bring the war to various countries around the world. For a long tome, Russia has been secretly supporting terrorist organizations and groups with weapons and money. The activism of this two Open Society groups leads tho the banning of the groups operations by the Russian government calling them a threat to the nation and its constitution.
But despite this, George Soros has never quit pointing out Russia’s evil ways of governance. George Soros says that the Russian president Vladimir Putin is the cause of all Russia’s problems. He even advises the Russian people the if they want to evade an ill fate they should do way with President Putin.

George Soros also warns the European Union about the intentions of Putin as the address the Syrian plight. Currently, the in Syria there is an ongoing war between the government of President Bashar Al Assad and the Islamic State fighters who want to overthrow him. As it is always the case in any war, the Syrian citizens are the one suffering. These citizens are running away from Syria into other European nations. President Putin is taking advantage of this situation to bring down the European Union. He is bombing the remaining Syrians so that they may flee their country and storm into other European nations. George Soros warns America And Europe to very wary of Putin’s plans.


New pet food upstart Freshpet is breaking into the high-end pet food market in a big way with its unique brand of refrigerated pet foods. Yes, if you’re looking for Freshpet you won’t find it on a shelf in the pet food aisle of the grocery store next to a bag of Purina Dog Chow, you’ll have to go to the refrigerated foods section. And that’s is just fine with Freshpet’s CEO Richard Thompson. Freshpet is charting new territory with it’s proprietary brand of refrigerated dog meals that are sold in their own branded refrigerated display cases. Freshpet’s quality control is similarly unique as shown when manufacturing chief Michael Hieger walks through their production facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and calmly pops a slice of its product into his mouth while saying with a smile “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” This display wasn’t just a show, but a unique way of demonstrating just how safe and delicious the upstart’s product really is. The Company has initially contracted with over 15,000 stores including WalMart, Target, and Whole Foods Markets. Freshpet’s CEO tells whoever will listen that there is a compelling reason why they will succeed in a big way. If your family is into health and wellness and you treat your pet like family we just can’t lose.

Even the other pet food big boys are getting into the healthy and fresh pet food movement. Purina’s Beneful brand is promoting that it uses a series of standards and processes to assure its  Amazon customers of the quality and consistency of its pet food. There are many standards industry wide but Beneful tries to go beyond these standards to track and monitor every single ingredient in the food to ensure that they live up to Beneful’s standards and that the pet food is safe and delicious to eat.

Another specialty pet food manufactured by the Beneful brand is Beneful Healthy Weight. This is a welcomed addition to Purina‘s line of dog foods designed to held the overweight sedentary dog. This dog food is specifically designed with reduced calories, and nutritious, wholesome ingredients to help and maintain muscle development while promoting weight loss. It is also made with nutrient rich vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy shiny coat and lean muscle.



A good beauty routine starts on the inside, according to beauty blogger Wengie Huang, whose “Wengie” You Tube channel has more than 960,000 subscribers.

The Australian-based beauty guru says she starts her days with anti-oxidants and includes lots of healthy food in her daily diet. Noting that her favorite beauty trends are “clear, glowy skin” and natural makeup, Wengie says the best style is the most natural-loooking.

“I think if you can make it so people can’t really tell you’re wearing a lot of makeup, that’s a real skill to have,” she said.

Wengie’s advice on beauty and style reaches a huge audience and countless young women all over the world regard her as a fashion icon. In addition to her You Tube Beauty Channel, which holds the title of Number One Asian Beauty Channel in Australia, her “Wonderful World Of Wengie” website has an enormous international following with over 185,000 visits daily.

Wengie, who describes herself as “a normal girl with an obsession with beauty products and shopping,” offers her readers more than just makeup tips. Recent topics on her YouTube beauty channel and blog include healthy breakfasts, how to choose anti-aging foods, and even comparisons of Asian and western beauty trends.

But style is only part of Wengie’s advice. In addition to her You Tube beauty channel, she also hosts the Life Of Wengie channel, which offers “Life advice from your internet big sister” and includes topics like how to deal with bullies, fighting in relationships, and feeling unappreciated. Wengie wins her subscribers’ hearts with sincerity, connection, and compassion, which she sums up this way: “I believe in you and I’m here to support you when you feel down and motivate when you need a pick me up!”

A third You Tube channel called Wengie Official highlights her favorite music and dance. She describes the Wengie Official channel as “Just here doing what I love :)”, and with close to 2 million views, it’s clear that girls all over the world are loving what Wengie does.

Darius Fisher’s profile in the world of digital marketing has just risen significantly. Fisher’s name has been placed on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list. Anyone honored by placement on the Innovation 50 list is someone who has contributed something new and innovative to the profession of digital marketing. As co-founder and president of Status Labs, Fisher definitely has shown there is a novel new path to trail blaze. He has shown digital marketing can be effectively employed to help someone whose online reputation has been negatively impacted.

Status Labs is a reputation management firm based in Austin, TX with offices in other cities. Fisher co-founded the company after working as a professional political consultant and copywriter. Essentially, he took many basic techniques designed to help brand and market products and services and came up with various reputation management tactics.

Fixing a reputation takes on great importance in today’s internet-oriented society. When seeking a job, renting an apartment, trying to sell a service, or even making friends, a person’s name is going to be run through the search engines. The results end up creating an impression in people’s minds. As Darius Fisher has pointed out time and time again in media and public appearances, the first page of Google defines people. Unless something concrete is done to improve those results, then the results are not going to change.

The only way to change things is to hire a reputation management professional capable of building a new presence online and in the search engines. This way, search of the internet reveal more positive information. Negative and embarrassing material can be forced down the search results where they won’t do as much harm.

Fisher points out time does not heal search engine wounds. Search engine results do not change or go away due to the passing of days on the calendar. Creating a new website, producing blog entries, and highlighting positive news online are going to be effective. Status Labs, under the management of Darius Fisher, could help with all these steps.

PRWeek has taken note of the work Fisher and his firm has done. PRWeek is one of the most well-respected marketing and public relations magazines n the industry. Honors and awards bestowed by PRWeek mean something. The fact that Darius Fisher has been added to the Innovation 50 list means he really is doing a solid job.