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In this day and age, a company’s online reputation directly correlates to its success with customers. The importance of maintaining sterling image and mastering the business of digital marketing cannot be understated. This is where Status Labs comes in.
Founded with the intention of protecting and managing and company’s online reputation, Status Labs offers services including Search Enging Optimizzation, Permanent Link Removal, and various Public Relations strategies. Status Labs makes sure information regarding their clients is found, and found for the right reasons. They are able to move their clients up the ranks in Google searches, increase site traffic, and monitor what content is posted about the company and its employees.
Status Labs also assists its clients in interacting with customers in the online realm. By creating social media accounts and blogs that promote the business’ message and products, Status Labs ensures the maximum number of potential customers are being reached. They take on the workload of maintaining and creating these accounts so that the company itself can focus on providing exceptional service. Co-founder and President Darius Fisher has built relationships with influential partners and earned recognition for his work with the Innovation by 50 awards from PR Week.
At the end of 2015, Status Labs had achieved a 39% revenue increase and signed 160 new clients around the world. To keep up with rising demand and it’s ever growing success, Status Labs has upped their workforce by 12% in their offices in Texas, New York and Sao Paolo. DariusFisher anticipates that this increase will continue through the beginning of 2016. With the company’s reputation of excellent customer retention, and given the surge of partners acquired in 2015, the constant hiring of exceptionally talented individuals is paramount to Status Labs’ success.
Not content to focus on only one niche, Status Labs proudly offers its assistance from industries ranging from beauty to politics. They tailor their work to each individual client and are confident in their ability to deliver optimal service in any situation.