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CrunchBase shows pretty clearly that Sam Tabar is a very talented strategy specialist in the financial world and is also a very-well respected New York attorney in the legal community, which is where it all started. Mr. Tabar went to college at Oxford University where he graduated at the top of his class, he then moved on to attend law school at Columbia and after graduating, went straight into law at one of the most well-known and important law firms in the world of law. That is where he garnered his interest and experience in hedge funds, how they should be formed, how to put the best hedge fund together, how to put together an agreement when managing investments, and learning all about rules and laws regarding compliance and regulations. After gaining knowledge and experience within a three years period, he left to try his hand at finance at an investment firm and as their legal representation. He rose to the top as the Head Director over Business Development and was head of Marketing accounts world wide and all faucets of investor account which totaled two billion dollars. He also took over marketing for his company and their largest, high-end clients all over the world. He was responsible for gathering over two thousand potential new clients which led to four hundred more clients. He did very well there and was highly successful.

He moved and conquered many famous and successful firms, doing better at each one than the one before, and Bloomberg has a full list of the major firms he worked with during that time. He worked in law for several years then decided he wanted to move into developing businesses and investment and strategy of capital, be it the company’s or some one else’s. He did very well and held upper management positions in that area of business for some of the biggest companies in the business. After working in that field for many years, he went back into the legal field but worked in handling hedge funds and how they are put together, and if they are meeting regulations and being compliant to the government regulations and laws.

His bio makes it evident that Sam Tabar speaks English and French fluently and speaks Japanese, loves to travel all over the world and host all types of events. He worked in Hong Kong and Tokyo for many years He currently is a Senior Attorney at the prestigious law firm of Schultz, Roth, and Zable in New York, where he has worked for the last two years.