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Susan McGalla was raised with her siblings in Ohio, United States of America. Her father was a hard worker, and he used to provide for the family from the proceeds that he could get after coaching football. She was educated at Mount Union College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Currently, at Mount Union College, she performs her duties as board member. Susan McGalla’s husband is a well established wealth administrator, and he has been supporting Susan career throughout this period.

Susan McGalla is a renowned business lady, and she also performs other chores as a consultant. Her consultancy firm is based at Pittsburgh, which is located in Pennsylvania. She has been a president at the famous American Eagle Outfitters, and also she has worked as an executive officer of the Wet Seal Company. Wet Seal is usually traded publicly, and it is famous in the provision of solutions that are related to real estate. Previously, she served as the trustee of the University of Pittsburgh, and she has been also the chief executive officer of the Allegheny Conference that focuses on the development of the community. Susan McGalla had amassed a lot of experience in matters related to the consultancy of talent management, branding, marketing, and the efficiency of operations in a company.

Her long career started when she began performing her duties at the Joseph Home Company on It is at this company where she worked in many management positions up to 1994. From the Joseph Home Company, she joined American Eagle Outfitters where she began working as a merchandise buyer of clothing for women. She worked in several management ranks, rising to the level of the chief merchandiser in the same company. Through her hard work, she steered the company forward, and she eventually oversaw it launching the 77kids brands.

Susan McGalla exited the American Eagle Outfitters to engage in consultancy work focusing on the financial investments. She was appointed to become a board member at HFF firm. She did not stay for long at HFF since she was called upon to join Weal Seal Company as the firm’s chief executive officer. In 2011, she withdrew her services at the firm and started her company which she named P3 Executive Consulting. She also serves in other capacities at Pittsburgh Steelers Company, and she works as the head of the strategic planning department in the same company.

Susan McGalla normally provides free talks to girls, and she advises them on what they should do to succeed in this competitive world. The organization that deals with girl child affairs that she has been actively involved in is the Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg. She has been largely successful due to her resilience, focus, hard work, and great passion for her career. Her parents also instilled in her confidence that has been very instrumental in her success. The confidence has been helpful when expressing herself to people. She is very knowledgeable in many things, something that has helped her a lot when discussing important topics with people from diverse backgrounds.