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An otolaryngologist is a person who’s an ear, nose and throat doctor. This simple fact may be known by many, but what many people do not know is that Nobilis Health has the absolute best otolaryngologists available in any healthcare facility. Their ear, nose and throat doctors are thorough, and they make sure that the patient comes first. This was the case when I took my son there after I received no real answers from other doctors in the past in previous healthcare facilities. I was very impressed with the services that their otolaryngologist provided for us.

Since my son was a baby, he continued to get sick over and over again. His main issue was that he kept getting ear infections no matter what I did. I would always make sure that he had a hat on, whether it was just a tad cold or even a little bit windy outside. I would make sure that his ears were covered when he went into the water so that he wouldn’t get water inside of them. Yet, with all of my attempts to prevent ear infections, they just kept coming back. While the ear infections were mostly in the winter season, they did come at other times of the year as well.

I had gone to many doctors, urgent care, and ERs, and they just kept prescribing my son Amoxicillin and sending him on his way. Every so often they would also prescribe a steroid and say that it should do the trick, but it never did. Finally, last winter my son had been to other doctors for an ear infection 6 times in the course of 3 months, and they kept saying that the infection must have come back. Well, I took him to the otolaryngologist at Nobilis Health, and they were surprised by a number of times he was prescribed Amoxicillin and his history of ear infections with no other course of treatment.

During our initial visit with their otolaryngologist, I explained that the doctors at other healthcare facilities kept telling me that they were just ear infections, and the infections wouldn’t harm him. However, this doctor wanted to take immediate action. He told me that my son needed to get a very common and safe procedure to get temporary ear tubes put in, and this procedure would help to prevent the ear infections from reoccurring. The doctor scheduled the procedure and answered all of my questions I had regarding the procedure and what to expect afterward.

After my son awoke from the procedure, he was tired, but the day after the procedure my son was completely fine and had no pain at all. This was an outpatient procedure, so there was no required hospital stay. Since the procedure my son has only had 1 ear infection. The doctor at Nobilis Health Corp had told me that the ear infection probably had just never gone away, and he was able to fix the problem. I am very happy with the experience my child had with the otolaryngologist at Nobilis Health.