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Last year, Attorney Dan Newlin won one of the top awards in the state when he won $100 million for a teenage girl who was hit in the head by a stray bullet. She has been in a coma since July 2013 when the incident occurred. The bullet was fired by an alleged gang member as the teen was riding in the family’s mini-van.

Danielle Sampson, then 15 years old, suffered severe brain damage and today is only able to blink her eyes as a response. The teen cannot talk to her mother or go to the movies with her friends; she will never participate in life again.

Aggressive Lawyer, Dan Newlin is Passionate

Dan Newlin, in his Orlando law firm, took on this case as he felt incredible compassion for the Sampson family. The compensation is one of the highest awarded in Orange County, FL and his legal team devoted their skills, experience and talents to fight back for this family.

Mr. Newlin spent many hours in the hospital with Danielle, so he fully understood the impact of this tremendously, needless accident. He felt the need to bring justice for the Sampsons while making a statement to other gang members that there are consequences for their actions, and they would find resistance.

Mr. Newlin understood that no monetary amount would ever be enough for the pain and suffering that Daniele has incurred, but with his expertise and diligence, he won an award that made a statement in the legal statues. The award would care for her medical attention into the future, the emotional distress for Alma Fletcher, her mother, and some of Danielle’s pain and suffering.

A Prestigious Super Lawyer

In recognition of similar cases, and the thousands of other personal injury cases that Dan Newlin has won for his clients, his uniquely aggressive style won him a place in the elite group of Super Lawyers. Only five percent of the lawyers practicing in the U.S. receive this prestigious award, and Dan Newlin received the honor in 2014.

After a 10 year career as a sheriff and detective in both Chicago and Orlando, he attended the Florida State Collge of Law and in 2000, opened a law office in Orlando. Attorney Newlin was now able to bring his experience as a police officer into his law firm to help the community at a different level as a lawyer.

Newlin Law Firms

Mr. Newlin currently has 75 people on staff in both his Orlando office and his recently opened office outside of Chicago. Mr. Newlin is using every ounce of his education, experience and natural compassion to make a difference in people’s lives.