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Ken Griffin is the president and founder of Citadel investment Group located in Chicago Illinois USA. Citadel Groups own several business subsidiaries under its umbrella that includes, Citadel; a corporation involved in the management of alternative assets for businesses and individual; Citadel securities, which is actively involved in trading of the American Capital market; Citadel Technologies which basically involves itself in giving investment management solution to individuals and business in Chicago. The Chicago Based billionaire and business mogul holds a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard. He actively involves himself in campaigns for community improvements by being a member in the Chicago Public Education Fund’s board of directors. Apart from business and investments Ventures, Kenneth Griffin is also philanthropic and is a member of the Economic club of Chicago and a champion for civic and cultural institutions in Chicago and its neighborhoods.

Born Kenneth C. Griffin, Mr. Griffin started involving himself in business in his sophomore year in Harvard University. His passion for investment was a driver to this business and it was not long before he hit the Goldmine. The stock market Crash of 1987 provided his escalation from a small time investor to a major stock investor. Since then, he has never looked back and has gone from strength to strength in the investment business. His citadel organization is a testament that hard work pays and he has been a source of inspiration to aspiring alternative investors. Over the course of his long successful career, Kenneth griffin has been a receiver of major honors. His Kensington Global strategies won the top award for risk-adjusted returns category which is an equivalent of the Oscars in the investments world. The strategy makes Citadel the best hedge fund firm in the world.

Kenneth griffin might be considered by many an investment genius. His rise from a mediocre investor in a hostel room in Harvard to the rise to being a major corporation’s CEO is a miracle. He has steered Citadel to become the largest and most efficient hedge fund corporation in the world. Citadel controls a staggering 1% of all the trading activities done in New York, London and Tokyo stock markets. Citadel corporation acts as an umbrella that manages and controls various business investments worth more than $6 Billion. Its successful adoption and use of strategies have ensured that its policies and cultures are continually upheld. Consequently, the organization success has been on the trajectory and no one has ever questioned Kenneth Griffins ability to steer the organization to the heights it belongs.

In conclusion, for an organization to be successful, it must also experience low moments no matter how successful it becomes. Citadel has not been an exception as it has also had its fair share of its troubles. However, under the able hand of its mercurial leader Kenneth Griffin, it has always been saved from such woes. His leadership skills and expert implementation of strategies has coincided with the rise of the citadel business is also worth noting that he is not all business without charity as he heads various charitable organizations in Chicago.