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For someone who is looking for that opportunity to meet new people, it can often prove a bit challenging. From work and everyday life to actually finding spots where other people might be available to meet, it is more difficult than ever before to connect with someone in a traditional, organic form. However, add in a sprinkle of technology on and there is now a world of opportunity. Technology is the new black when it comes to dating, and now more people meet through digital means then who actually bump into each other at the local Chili’s and ask to go out on a date. The Skout app is one such option that brings the spice of life into the digital world and puts hundreds of thousands of possible singles right in the palm of someone’s hand. It is kind of like making eye contact with a million people all at one especially large bar. Of course, not everyone is going to be interested, but that is some of the fun of Skout and why it is not only a blast to have fun, but also a bit addicting (in a good way, of course).

So What is This Skout Everyone’s Talking About?

So what exactly is this little mobile app people are talking about? Maybe you have a friend who has been raving about this incredible girl he met off of some app called Skout? Of course, you try to search for it online and the only Skout feedback you receive is connected with pre-teen boys camping outside and a character from To Kill a Mocking Bird. So, to stand out a bit and to actually prevent all of the other product matches that would come up through search engines, the company went with the “K” spelling of Skout. Kind of clever, and now that you know how to spell, you go back to your search engine and look it up.

First off, yes it is free. Because who really wants to spend $.99 on an application? That is just crazy. You might spend nearly a grand on a mobile phone, but that 99 cent app is just not going to cut it. Anyways, the app is free, so you download it and decide to check it out.

Setting Up The App

You found it, you downloaded it, and now you have that icon on your mobile device just looking up at you with that blue bullseye. Now what? Well, naturally you’ll want to open it and create your profile. You can leave this blank if you want, but probably not the best idea. Think about it. Would you randomly go out with someone in the stall next to you without seeing them, hear them or know anything about them? Probably not. You’d probably run for the hills.

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