Makeup Tips for Women of Color

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As a woman of color it gets difficult to pull off a makeup look that is suited to your skin tone. This is why it’s important that you try on different kinds of makeup since experimentation with brands help you locate the right makeup for your needs. For the best and most beautiful eyes, add drama to your look because women of color can wear bold colors. These colors include dark or medium purples, blue, gold, silver, turquoise and deep reds. Be sure not to go overboard with the eye makeup and apply an eye primer first.

Makeup Tips for Asian Americans

When putting on makeup, you should apply foundation first but don’t use the liquid version since Asian skin gets oily frequently. If you’re using blush, use one that has some gold in it since it brings out your skin tone well. You should also apply eyeliner to your eyelids and as for your lips, pink or reddish coored lipsticks flatter you the best.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Another thing you should do is get bold with your colors. Lime Crime is a great bold colored makeup line and it is made by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a believer in freedom of expression when it comes to makeup and she likes to be unconventional in helping women look beautiful. Lime Crime includes bright colored lipsticks, face powders and eyeshadow and it makes you look fun and flirty without looking childish.

Makeup Advice for Hispanic Women

Choose a foundation for the face with yellow or red undertones and apply concealer to hide your dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Use lipsticks in a color other than red because burgundy, copper, beige and brown are great for your lips. If you have gray or blue eyes, look for complementary makeup that adds pizzazz to your eyes. Bronzers are also excellent for the face.

Makeup Tips for African American Women

African American women should stay away from colors that are too light such as beige or nude. It is better to go for bolder colors since it brings out your dark skin the best. There is nothing wrong with silver or glittery makeup styles if you’re a ounger person but once you turn 50, it’s time to cut back and use mature shades such as burgundy or lilac. You can rock a deep pink blush on your face and use a primer before putting on eye makeup.

Buy Makeup Designed for Women of Color

Not all makeup brands are created equal so when shopping for makeup, look for brands that are sppecifically designed for people like you. These brands understand the beauty needs and struggles of women of color and they are inexpensive too. Get free samples from the store or by mail before buying the product. In conclusion, there are numerous ways for women of color to look fantastic if they apply