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NBA games are one of the most exhilarating sporting events one can experience. With a tremendously huge popularity in the US and all over the world, NBA has gained a lot of interest from many investors. One of the factors that make NBA so popular is the lucrative sums of money associated with it. Due to this, it has attracted investors whose motives are to benefit from the huge packages associated that comes with being in one of the lists of NBA team owners. The love for the team and the game also plays a part in driving an investor to own a team.

For one to qualify as an NBA owner, the individual must undoubtedly have financial superiority. We have to acknowledge the fact that most NBA owners are of the elite group who have the power to buy anything.

One of the most prevalent individuals among the list of NBA owners is Bruce Levenson on wikipedia. The 65-year-old is a business person and NBA team owner. With his hardworking and a smart style of carrying out his activities, Mr. Levenson has wound his way through hustles and hurdles to become one of the top businesspeople in the US. He is the owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. The role of Bruce Levenson in Atlanta Hawks is to oversee the operations and coordinate other programs of the team like charity works.

Apart from owning Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson is a member of the NBA Board of Governors. With his passion for basketball, Mr. Levenson is one of the individuals that have contributed to the undeterred relevance of Basketball in the USA.

Bruce has been using basketball as a tool to make an impact in the society. With the fame of his team, he has taken this opportunity to enhance good practices in the community. For example, in 2014, Bruce and the whole team of Atlanta Hawks and staff went to the U.S Holocaust Museum where the affected individuals shared their ordeals and encouraged each other. He also made donations to the Holocaust Museum.

Bruce’s philanthropic nature is also one thing to admire about him. He has gained admiration from many due to numerous philanthropic activities he has undertaken. With his team fully behind him, Bruce has been an active member in many foundations. For example, in 2010, he oversaw the formulation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.

Bruce Levenson, however, decided to sell Atlanta Hawk earlier this year. The process had been a long one with the battles for the ideal owner running for seven months. Many people made bids for the sale of the team with the deadline being made on April 10th. Finally, the team was sold to Antony Ressler-Grant Hill group for nearly $850 million. With the sale, Bruce’s era as the owner of Atlanta Hawks was over

The contributions of Bruce Levenson in Atlanta Hawks are something that cannot be disregarded. It is valid to affirm that Mr. Bruce’s leadership and patience with the team contributed to the team’s recent capture of a title since 1994. For a team to be successful, the owner plays an integral role just like Mr. Levenson did.