The Atlanta Hawks to Retire Dikembe’s Jersey

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As a measure to honor former NBA player, Dikembe Mutombo, the Hawks will be retiring his jersey, number 55. In the rafters of the Philips Arena hang three jerseys that belong to former NBA players attached with the Hawks. As a measure to say thanks, the Hawks will put an addition in the Philips Centre. Dikembe’s Jersey will be joining Lou Hudson, Bob Petit, and Dominique Wilkins’ in the arena.

In the period 1996 – 2001, Dikembe was a star in the Hawks’ Philips Arena. He played his heart out and received various accolades while in the game. He won four Defensive Player of the Year award. On the same note, he won four awards for the All-Star game. His career is straight forward, but star-studded as he rose to fame within a short period. His contribution to the game and especially the Hawks is unforgettable thus the act of honor. Since his retirement, the star has been a constant member at the NBA fixture and events by the Hawks. He continues to assist the Hawks in the best way possible, and it seems the Hawks have understood the intensity if his contribution to the team.

Mutombo is a dedicated humanitarian whose acts in society are geared at bettering life and bringing progress to the people. His kind acts and ambition to his course have made him an ambassador with the NBA. Not every player becomes an ambassador, but those that are proven to have a good track record and an outstanding character. The role he players in society and his urge to improve the NBA is unbelievable.

Through his foundation, Mutombo works to improve life in Africa, and especially in his native country, Congo. He supports bettering the health of people around the community, so that child mortality and unwarranted deaths are averted. He supports clinics for people to get treatment for free and in some cases at subsidized rates. On the same note, he is an ambassador of good education where he champion for the education of the young kids. He believes that education comes first, for it assists people in making decisions in their lives. Therefore, his foundation builds educational facilities and hopes to touch as many lives as possible. Lastly, it is his ambition that people in the African countries improve their quality of life. It is through the availing of different social amenities that are fundamental to the daily life.

Having arrived into the Hawks in 1996, Dikembe made history with the teams. On its own, the team has made news that has been positive. Early 2015 met the news that team owner Bruce Levenson was offering the Club for sell. Speculation and analysis pointed that Bruce and team would fetch at least $1 billion from the sale of the team and the Arena. However, the sale was $270 million short of the speculators expectation. It was a good price the club owner as Bruce got a huge profit from the sale. The club was sold to team Anthony Ressler, who was ready to change the entire performance.