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After talking with my husband for months about it, I was ready to own my first dog. We don’t have any children, and my husband didn’t want to have to clean up after anyone, at least until we had her own kids. I let him know that if we got a dog of our own, then we could learn how to care for someone other than ourselves while we were waiting to have our own kids. He finally broke down and agreed that we could get a dog, and I was excited. He told me absolutely no puppies, and the dog had to be housebroken.

He basically wanted me to get a dog that was fully grown, and that’s not what I wanted. I really wanted a little puppy, but I decided to side with my husband and get a full grown dog. I went to a dog shelter to pick up a dog because I know there are a lot of them that need a home. I was talked into getting a dog that was very small, but at least it was full grown. The dog was also very intelligent, and the person showed me the dog and also what kinds of things the dog could do.

They told the dog to go and pick up something in the room, and he went right for it, and that’s when I knew that I had found the perfect dog. I made all the preparations to take him home, and I decided that I would stop at the store to get some food for him before we got home. I wasn’t certain what food would be good for him because he was my first dog. I made a stop at the pet store instead of going to the grocery store because I needed some good advice.

The pet store clerk was amazing, and he explained to me why I should choose Beneful brand foods out of any other foods that were on the shelf. He did explain to me the benefits that some of the other foods had, but he also explained that Beneful was a wholesome food with real ingredients, and it was great tasting. I made a joke and asked him how he knew it tasted good, and he said he didn’t taste it himself, but his own dogs seemed to love it, so it must taste good. I was sold on the product, so I picked up a bag of Beneful.

On the way home the dog stuck his head out the window and was enjoying the breeze, and that’s another reason why I fell in love with the dog. I went straight home and got him a bowl of food, and he seemed to eat the Beneful on wikipedia with no problem, and he even wanted more. Fast-forward to a week later, and I’m absolutely in love with my dog. He’s very obedient, and I can’t see how he ever ended up in a shelter. I feed my dog Beneful every day, and I plan to buy more for him in the future.