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Susan P. McGalla is currently the president of P3 Consulting, a company she founded in 2012. She has had a long business career and held various positions both at the managerial and marketing levels. Among the companies she has worked for include the American Eagle Outfitters and West Seal. Susan McGalla on also sits on the board of several other companies such as HFF Inc.

She was born in East Liverpool Ohio and raised together with her two brothers by their father, a football coach for a local club. Susan McGalla sees her father as a great mentor who taught her not to let her or any other gender, be the restraint to achieving her goals.

She graduated with a bachelor in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College, where she still serves as a board member. She started working at Joseph Horne Company where she served in various marketing and managerial position from 1986 to 1994. From here she joined the American Eagle Outfitters.

She started out as the company’s divisional merchandise buyer for women clothes. She later rose through the ranks to be the president and Chief marketing Officer (CMO) of the company’s flagship brand in America. Her efforts and innovative ideas were lauded when she was named the President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the entire company, a position she served until January 2009.

Between 2009 and 2011, she worked as a private consultant for the retail and financial investment industries in Pittsburg where she resides. In January 2011, she joined Wet Seal as the CEO and worked there up to July 2012 when she left to start her consultancy firm, P3 Consultancy Company LLC. She is also currently working the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

During her time as a business career woman, Susan has amassed a great deal of expertise and experience all derived from the many positions she served. She is a very outgoing woman open to new ideas in life and also ready to share whatever she feels can be beneficial to another person.

Talking about her career success, she attributes it to hard work, commitment and resilience to achieve. She is an advocator of equality and award of opportunities on merit and not on gender or any other preferences. This she learnt coming from a family of three boys where no one was treated indifferently.

She is glad to have broken the monotony of male predominance in most institutions where she has worked. A case in point, American Eagle, a company that had no women on its board or executive positions upon her joining the. Her hard work, however, saw her climb the through its leadership to be its President. Her story is a motivation to many women and girls who feel like they belong to a lesser gender. It is an illustration that with proper motivation, hard work, and perseverance, everyone can make it.