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NBA games are one of the most exhilarating sporting events one can experience. With a tremendously huge popularity in the US and all over the world, NBA has gained a lot of interest from many investors. One of the factors that make NBA so popular is the lucrative sums of money associated with it. Due to this, it has attracted investors whose motives are to benefit from the huge packages associated that comes with being in one of the lists of NBA team owners. The love for the team and the game also plays a part in driving an investor to own a team.

For one to qualify as an NBA owner, the individual must undoubtedly have financial superiority. We have to acknowledge the fact that most NBA owners are of the elite group who have the power to buy anything.

One of the most prevalent individuals among the list of NBA owners is Bruce Levenson on wikipedia. The 65-year-old is a business person and NBA team owner. With his hardworking and a smart style of carrying out his activities, Mr. Levenson has wound his way through hustles and hurdles to become one of the top businesspeople in the US. He is the owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. The role of Bruce Levenson in Atlanta Hawks is to oversee the operations and coordinate other programs of the team like charity works.

Apart from owning Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson is a member of the NBA Board of Governors. With his passion for basketball, Mr. Levenson is one of the individuals that have contributed to the undeterred relevance of Basketball in the USA.

Bruce has been using basketball as a tool to make an impact in the society. With the fame of his team, he has taken this opportunity to enhance good practices in the community. For example, in 2014, Bruce and the whole team of Atlanta Hawks and staff went to the U.S Holocaust Museum where the affected individuals shared their ordeals and encouraged each other. He also made donations to the Holocaust Museum.

Bruce’s philanthropic nature is also one thing to admire about him. He has gained admiration from many due to numerous philanthropic activities he has undertaken. With his team fully behind him, Bruce has been an active member in many foundations. For example, in 2010, he oversaw the formulation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.

Bruce Levenson, however, decided to sell Atlanta Hawk earlier this year. The process had been a long one with the battles for the ideal owner running for seven months. Many people made bids for the sale of the team with the deadline being made on April 10th. Finally, the team was sold to Antony Ressler-Grant Hill group for nearly $850 million. With the sale, Bruce’s era as the owner of Atlanta Hawks was over

The contributions of Bruce Levenson in Atlanta Hawks are something that cannot be disregarded. It is valid to affirm that Mr. Bruce’s leadership and patience with the team contributed to the team’s recent capture of a title since 1994. For a team to be successful, the owner plays an integral role just like Mr. Levenson did.

Those that have to search for dating applications may have been disappointed with certain applications they viewed in the past. Many dating websites have chosen to create an application, and the application is meant to be something that can be carried around with a person, especially if they use a mobile device. Applications are easy to download, and many of the applications are free of charge. Dating applications that charge a person money before they can download it may not be the best dating network out there. The Skout on twitter is one of the most popular dating networks out there, and the application is free of charge, so why would anyone want to pay for dating application?

Those companies that charge for their dating application may see a serious drop in the amount of people downloading the application, or they may never make enough money to make charging for the application worth wild. People want an application that they can download for free, especially if they’re going to the network to look for a date. Applications don’t have to charge for download privileges, especially if there are other ways for them to make money on the network. The Skout network allows each person to download the app for free, and then they can browse through the network.

Those who use the Skout network may find many different features that they want to access, and while most of the features are free, some of them may have a charge attached to it. The features that cost a fee on the Skout network are paid for with Skout points. Skout points are easy to purchase, and they can be bought through the Skout network when a person is ready. The Skout points can sit in a person’s account, and they can use the points whenever they want to make a purchase.

Skout points are used for several features on the network, including the Skout Travel feature, sending greetings, and checking someone else’s favorites list. There are many different features that Skout points can purchase, but there are still a lot of free features that don’t require Skout points. Many will find themselves using the Skout application for several things, including when they want to look for a person’s location. Although an IP address makes it easy to discover where someone is on the computer, some people may not want that information put out to the public.

Most people prefer the Skout application because the GPS that’s turned on or the location service on a smartphone can easily determine where a person is in the world. Even if a person is in a completely different country, the Skout application can find the person’s location, and it can let others know their location if the person has no problem with this. Those that have a problem with others knowing exactly where they are can easily turn their location services off, and they can use the Skout network as they see fit.

Often times, being stylish is confused with merely following a trend. There are fundamental differences between style and trends. The main difference between trend and style is that while trends come and go, style is more static. While there are tons of different styles of shoes and other forms of fashion that come and go, there are certain styles that one could buy that will always look good. There is nothing wrong with being on trend. At the same time, if one is to stay on trend, then he is going to be spending a lot of money and buying a lot of new items.

Even if one wants to maintain a sense of timelessness with his wardrobe, it is a good idea to save money. There are certain shoe stores that offer leather shoes at an affordable price. These shoes are often in good condition. They won’t wear very fast. In other words, while they are affordable, they aren’t cheaply made. These shoes are made of the finest material so that it is not only better looking, but more durable. They also have a wide variety of styles and brands of men’s shoes that are available for purchase.

One business that provides tons of shoes of different styles for sale is Paul Evans. Paul Evans as a company is very passionate about shoes. There are a wide variety of both trending and stylish shoes that will out last other shoes. There is no shortage of options when it comes to buying shoes to wear. They can complete different types of outfits in a suitable way that not only makes them feel good, but also makes them impressive to their friends and other people. They have the choice of being stylish or trendy. Either way, they will save money when they upgrade their wardrobe.

One very important thing when it comes to being stylish with men’s shoes is in making sure that the fit is right. The feet need to be able to keep their shape. Ill fitting shoes can cause problems in the foot. When buying shoes, it is best to try them on and walk around in them a little. Just because the shoes have the size number of the wearer does not mean it is not going to cause trouble like pain from walking in them. This could also be the result of the material used to make these shoes.

As a measure to honor former NBA player, Dikembe Mutombo, the Hawks will be retiring his jersey, number 55. In the rafters of the Philips Arena hang three jerseys that belong to former NBA players attached with the Hawks. As a measure to say thanks, the Hawks will put an addition in the Philips Centre. Dikembe’s Jersey will be joining Lou Hudson, Bob Petit, and Dominique Wilkins’ in the arena.

In the period 1996 – 2001, Dikembe was a star in the Hawks’ Philips Arena. He played his heart out and received various accolades while in the game. He won four Defensive Player of the Year award. On the same note, he won four awards for the All-Star game. His career is straight forward, but star-studded as he rose to fame within a short period. His contribution to the game and especially the Hawks is unforgettable thus the act of honor. Since his retirement, the star has been a constant member at the NBA fixture and events by the Hawks. He continues to assist the Hawks in the best way possible, and it seems the Hawks have understood the intensity if his contribution to the team.

Mutombo is a dedicated humanitarian whose acts in society are geared at bettering life and bringing progress to the people. His kind acts and ambition to his course have made him an ambassador with the NBA. Not every player becomes an ambassador, but those that are proven to have a good track record and an outstanding character. The role he players in society and his urge to improve the NBA is unbelievable.

Through his foundation, Mutombo works to improve life in Africa, and especially in his native country, Congo. He supports bettering the health of people around the community, so that child mortality and unwarranted deaths are averted. He supports clinics for people to get treatment for free and in some cases at subsidized rates. On the same note, he is an ambassador of good education where he champion for the education of the young kids. He believes that education comes first, for it assists people in making decisions in their lives. Therefore, his foundation builds educational facilities and hopes to touch as many lives as possible. Lastly, it is his ambition that people in the African countries improve their quality of life. It is through the availing of different social amenities that are fundamental to the daily life.

Having arrived into the Hawks in 1996, Dikembe made history with the teams. On its own, the team has made news that has been positive. Early 2015 met the news that team owner Bruce Levenson was offering the Club for sell. Speculation and analysis pointed that Bruce and team would fetch at least $1 billion from the sale of the team and the Arena. However, the sale was $270 million short of the speculators expectation. It was a good price the club owner as Bruce got a huge profit from the sale. The club was sold to team Anthony Ressler, who was ready to change the entire performance.

If you are a proud pet owner and love your dog as a family member, then without a doubt your dog’s health is a major concern to you. Of course, our pet’s can’t feed themselves – walk down to the pet shop and buy their own food; they depend on us to feed them. What you feed your dog on daily basis will eventually affect your dog’s health and even their behavior, which is why the food they eat is important.

Good Dog Food is Important for Health

It’s true; dogs will eat almost anything, if they are hungry enough. Although, dogs will eat almost any kind of food like Beneful if they are hungry enough, they do have specific likes and dislikes just like us humans. Of course, we can’t just feed our pet’s whatever food they like or want like children, because they would not get all the needed nutrition their bodies require to be healthy.

It is tempting to give your dog treats from off your table during dinner time, but human food isn’t the best thing for your dog. Actually, much of today’s people food isn’t very healthy to human’s either, and that same for dog foods as well. So, if you’re like me, a dog lover, then what you feed your dog is as important as what I feed myself and my family. However, I can’t feed my dog Nikki – a little stray dog we found years ago, the same food we eat and expect her to be as healthy as us. Why?

Dogs require special nutrients and foods to maintain their health. There are many dog food brands today, much too many to mention here. It is… staggering trying to navigate through all of them to find ‘the’ best food for your little family member, your dog. I was fortunate enough to have found some dog treats at grocery store, which I bought for Nikki to try, and when I gave her some she was immediately hook!

Those dog treats were Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food by Purina – a well-known dog food brand. Since then, Nikki always gets excited when we give her the snacks. Dog food isn’t cheap, and we have a home prepared diet for her to save money while at the same time making sure Nikki’s health is good. However, the Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food is still very important, because it makes her happy and it’s good for her.

After talking with my husband for months about it, I was ready to own my first dog. We don’t have any children, and my husband didn’t want to have to clean up after anyone, at least until we had her own kids. I let him know that if we got a dog of our own, then we could learn how to care for someone other than ourselves while we were waiting to have our own kids. He finally broke down and agreed that we could get a dog, and I was excited. He told me absolutely no puppies, and the dog had to be housebroken.

He basically wanted me to get a dog that was fully grown, and that’s not what I wanted. I really wanted a little puppy, but I decided to side with my husband and get a full grown dog. I went to a dog shelter to pick up a dog because I know there are a lot of them that need a home. I was talked into getting a dog that was very small, but at least it was full grown. The dog was also very intelligent, and the person showed me the dog and also what kinds of things the dog could do.

They told the dog to go and pick up something in the room, and he went right for it, and that’s when I knew that I had found the perfect dog. I made all the preparations to take him home, and I decided that I would stop at the store to get some food for him before we got home. I wasn’t certain what food would be good for him because he was my first dog. I made a stop at the pet store instead of going to the grocery store because I needed some good advice.

The pet store clerk was amazing, and he explained to me why I should choose Beneful brand foods out of any other foods that were on the shelf. He did explain to me the benefits that some of the other foods had, but he also explained that Beneful was a wholesome food with real ingredients, and it was great tasting. I made a joke and asked him how he knew it tasted good, and he said he didn’t taste it himself, but his own dogs seemed to love it, so it must taste good. I was sold on the product, so I picked up a bag of Beneful.

On the way home the dog stuck his head out the window and was enjoying the breeze, and that’s another reason why I fell in love with the dog. I went straight home and got him a bowl of food, and he seemed to eat the Beneful on wikipedia with no problem, and he even wanted more. Fast-forward to a week later, and I’m absolutely in love with my dog. He’s very obedient, and I can’t see how he ever ended up in a shelter. I feed my dog Beneful every day, and I plan to buy more for him in the future.

Thee are so many different types of cosmetics available from either the company store or a high end department store or online sources. For many women, they enjoy having their own private makeup source so they can test out different products, colors, textures and so forth. This way they know from the point of purchase that it will work.

Department stores have makeup artists available.

Many high end department stores have makeup artists working to try out cosmetic colors in both foundations, colors and lipsticks to make sure it all goes well with a person’s skin tone. It is difficult to decide on the colors involved so being able to do the sampling while a professional is available to make one look awesome.

Many national brands are available.

While there are many cosmetic companies available such as Mary Kay, Avon, BeautiControl, Cosmetics Company Store and more. Cosmetic companies have found different ways to market their companies. Since the invention of the internet, many of the largest companies have a website where product can be ordered and shipped to the home within just a few days.

Enter Limecrime

One of the newest and most unusual additions to the cosmetic world is called Lime Crime on amazon. This company started on the West Coast. Their product line is about color, different applications to be applied to the face, eyes, lips and so forth. These are the bright colors that would probably be found on the West Coast.

Wild, bright colors are available.

Examples would be: bright blue lips, purple eye shadow, bright blue nails, stars and tear drops that can be added to the face for a truly unique look. While this company is on the wild side of colors and applications, they have been able to expand into several locations such as Valley Village, Calif., New York City, New York, Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

LimeCrime is perfect for the younger generation.

This company may not be as widely known as some of the other cosmetic companies, they have developed into a real competitor for the usual cosmetic companies. Companies like Mary Kay, BeautiControl, Avon and others are a little more conservative in their colors and makeup. They may have some of the other wild colors but the majority of their sales is to the 30 year olds and older, the wild colors are just not there.

LimeCrime has expanded.

For the most part, LimeCrime, has done a fantastic job in developing the colors that the younger generation want and by originating on the West Coast, there are many who would find these colors and applications exactly what they are looking for. Where as for the older clients the Mary Kays, BeautiControls, Avons are exactly what these clients prefer.

We have something cosmetically for everyone.

The best thing of all is in our United States there is room for all be it conservative companies like the one’s mentioned above or a company like LimeCrime who literally blew the lid off the bottle to produce their very wild colors.

Susan P. McGalla is currently the president of P3 Consulting, a company she founded in 2012. She has had a long business career and held various positions both at the managerial and marketing levels. Among the companies she has worked for include the American Eagle Outfitters and West Seal. Susan McGalla on also sits on the board of several other companies such as HFF Inc.

She was born in East Liverpool Ohio and raised together with her two brothers by their father, a football coach for a local club. Susan McGalla sees her father as a great mentor who taught her not to let her or any other gender, be the restraint to achieving her goals.

She graduated with a bachelor in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College, where she still serves as a board member. She started working at Joseph Horne Company where she served in various marketing and managerial position from 1986 to 1994. From here she joined the American Eagle Outfitters.

She started out as the company’s divisional merchandise buyer for women clothes. She later rose through the ranks to be the president and Chief marketing Officer (CMO) of the company’s flagship brand in America. Her efforts and innovative ideas were lauded when she was named the President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the entire company, a position she served until January 2009.

Between 2009 and 2011, she worked as a private consultant for the retail and financial investment industries in Pittsburg where she resides. In January 2011, she joined Wet Seal as the CEO and worked there up to July 2012 when she left to start her consultancy firm, P3 Consultancy Company LLC. She is also currently working the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

During her time as a business career woman, Susan has amassed a great deal of expertise and experience all derived from the many positions she served. She is a very outgoing woman open to new ideas in life and also ready to share whatever she feels can be beneficial to another person.

Talking about her career success, she attributes it to hard work, commitment and resilience to achieve. She is an advocator of equality and award of opportunities on merit and not on gender or any other preferences. This she learnt coming from a family of three boys where no one was treated indifferently.

She is glad to have broken the monotony of male predominance in most institutions where she has worked. A case in point, American Eagle, a company that had no women on its board or executive positions upon her joining the. Her hard work, however, saw her climb the through its leadership to be its President. Her story is a motivation to many women and girls who feel like they belong to a lesser gender. It is an illustration that with proper motivation, hard work, and perseverance, everyone can make it.

If you are a Marketing Director or business owner looking for an advertising expert or agency to you help boost your sales and manage all of your marketing and promotion tasks, there are some important factors that you need to take into consideration.

Make sure the agency understands your business objectives. It is important that the advertising agency or marketing specialist you choose prove to you that they’re willing to spend the time to review and understand what you are trying to accomplish. Once they have learned about your goals and objectives, they will review their notes and begin designing your advertising and marketing direction.

Ask the ad agency or consultant to provide details of the process they will use to identify your best prospects. A good advertising agency knows how to profile your company’s market into groups and then determine which of those prospects or groups are most likely to respond to your offers. A good advertising consultant knows how to develop a smart segmentation strategy, which is an essential aspect of an effective advertising campaign.

Ask to see samples of their past work. Make sure the portfolio is appropriate for the advertising medium or strategy you are interested in. If you are interested in running online ads to promote your product or business, don’t be satisfied if the agency simply shows you a portfolio of their past magazine or billboard ads. You need to see their portfolio of online advertising projects or campaigns.

Make sure they have thorough knowledge of the Brazilian media market. You want an ad agency or marketing expert that has an intimate knowledge of your market. In the case of an ad campaign for the Brazilian market, you will want to be sure the advertising agency has relationships with the major media outlets in town. It is also important that they know your target audience well. Take the time to choose the right agency for your ad campaigns.

Cláudio Loureiro Heads is a highly reputable advertising professional. As a founding partner of Heads Propaganda, he has helped launch many successful ad capaigns for high profile clients, including large coporations and public figures. Heads Propaganda is one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil and was started more than 25 years ago, in Curitiba. Cláudio Loureiro Heads is a successful entrepreneur, and he is always willing to help others.