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Visual search is a task that requires an active scan of the image for specific features. People normally try to locate certain brands of products from a group of similar products. When applying visual search, a person is able to locate an item or the target among several complex distracters. Feature search is used to define specific features that are different from the targeted object. These features may be color, orientation, size and shape. It is easy and very efficient to use this search since actual response is expected.

Conjunction search is used when the target and distracters have more than one similar feature. The target may have a black color and horizontal line while distracters have white colors and horizontal lines. In this case, there is sharing of orientation which is horizontal and the search would be differentiated by colors. This search is suitable when distracters are few, but as they increase it is less efficient. It would require a lot of time to detect a target when search among many distracters.

Image matching is used for large variety of applications. When the search targets are not known in advance, this is the best method to use. It requires formation of more than one search libraries that contain images to be matched. The targets may be furthered grouped into classifications, description and links for more information. A sample image is compared to other images available on the search libraries to get the best matches.

A top firm providing visual search for retailers and brands is Slyce. They use image search technology to help retailers connect to their customers. Currently, Slyce has partnered with six of the top twenty retailers in North America. The firm has developed advanced visual image technology that is capable of streaming captured images through a process of recognition stages to make an accurate match. This technology is comprehensively designed to give exact or close matching results for each search. The company has incorporated visual search technology to create real world solutions in different sectors.

Retailers can integrate Slyce’s visual search technology within their own websites to allow their customers to experience convenient transaction by simply using photos of real-world objects. Through observation of visual attributes of products of items, Slyce provides relevant engines that would make shoppers acquire ability to find what they are searching. The technology used by Slyce enables a match similar to that of billboard advertisements.

Visual search technology is very useful for retailers and brands because they are able to market their products in unique ways to attract attention. This technology can even be used on mobile websites hence attracting a lot of people and attention. It is the best app to use in modern business activities.