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For Chelsea, being able to shop on-the-go in a must. “I get inspiration from my workplace, my city, just seeing the people around me. I don’t always have time to go to three different stores to find an item. I’m particular–if I see something I like, that’s what I want.”

As 23 year old professional living in Seattle, Chelsea knows what it means to dress well. “I like to mix it up. I represent myself through my clothing. I dress professionally for work, but my clothes are from all over the place. I shop at big retailers, thrift stores, boutiques.” Chelsea represents a growing demographic of millennials who rely on the convenience of online shopping as they navigate work, school and nightlife. This trend has lead to the development of product recognition apps, bridging the gap between seeing a product and holding it in your hands.

The concept is intuitive, almost beautiful in its simplicity. Snap a photo of the item you want, and get connected immediately to a retailer who stocks the item. This snap-to-buy process is instantaneous, providing an unprecedented level of service and connectivity. Product recognition is about inspiration and discovery, and no company connects people and products better than Slyce’s visual search.

Unlike some of its competitors, Slyce can recognize products anywhere, in real-time. See a purse you have to have while you’re walking down the street? Slyce can help you with that.

“I would say it is close to 95%, if not better. I think visual search will revolutionize the [retail] industry…,” says Wanda Gierhart, CMO of Neiman Marcus. Slyce, which raised
over $36M in funding for its visual search platform, is now garnering comparisons to Amazon Flow. The big difference? Slyce connects people to a variety of retailers, casting a much larger net. If the item you want is out of stock, Slyce will give you recommendations based on items with a similar appeal.

In addition to instant and accurate connectivity, Slyce offers consumers the best prices. A recent partnership with Snip-Snap added snap-to-coupon functionality, allowing consumers to snap pictures of coupons, which are then stored digitally and applied to purchases. Snip-Snap has already saved consumers over $200M at checkout. A partnership with Slyce means savings for customers will continue to grow at an astronomical pace.

Head over to to view a demo of the proprietary Visual Search technology.