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Christian Broda an economics professor at the University of Chicago and hedge fund manager, believe the US dollar will remain the top currency in the global market. In 2009, he published a white paper with Ethan Harris that discussed how inflation in the market would remain low for several years. He believes it is wise for consumers to keep investment in the US.

Another economics professor at Cornell University Edwar S. Prasad agrees with Christian Broda. He wrote a book called The Dollar Trap about how the global money problems have strengthened the US dollar. These two professors stand with the traditional economists that back the US dollar.

Still many economists and hedge fund managers say the US needs to look at the huge government debt and weakened petro alliances. They need to stop thinking that have supreme divinity over the dollar. Many predict a financial collapse where the dollar will not be worth what is used to be. This collapse will result in civil unrest, war, and damage to the world economy.

A former World Bank economist, Justin Yifu Lin, suggested replacing the dollar with a global currency. This is not the first time this has been suggested. Broda suggests that consumers invest in US funds and not the suggested global market. He was supportive of the Bank of Japan back in 2004 despite the warnings of a fiscal collapse. He is manager of Duquense Capital Management with many years of experience.

The dangers of the US dollar being replaced by a world currency are many. This could end the US government running up high debt and still surviving. Broda opposes one world currency that was suggested by Justin Yifu Lin a professor at Peking University and advisor to the Chinese government.

A hedge fund manager Broda is successful without taking too much personal risks. He get investors to fund investments with capital. He has worked in many aspects of economics such as valuation, financial modeling, asset management, equity research, and portfolio management. He stands behind the US dollar from his many years of experience in the market.

Debate over the US dollar will continue world wide over the next few years among economists. Economists do highly detailed research that many politician and government officials make decisions on.