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Too many people that I know have a misconception about the Skout network on twitter.com. Most people don’t believe that I found a girlfriend on the Skout network because they always thought it was a network for socializing only. I don’t understand why people don’t think that socializing can lead to dating, but everyone has their own opinion. I was able to find a girlfriend through the Skout network, and I found her completely by accident. I wasn’t even searching for a lady, but I was using the “shake to chat” feature one day, and this beautiful woman came onto my screen.

After the lady and I talked for a while, I added her to my favorite’s list, and I went back to look for her the next day. I wasn’t able to see her on the network again until the end of the week, but I let her know how much I really liked her. We talked day after day on the Skout network, and it got to the point where I was getting in trouble at work for using Skout too much. I would hide in my cubicle in the corner of the office, just so I could talk on the Skout network.

I’m not one who likes to do a lot of texting with my fingers, so I’ll use the talk button on my phone, and people could hear me across the office talking out my text messages. Needless to say, I was warned to stop using my phone in the office, and I had to do what I told. No one could stop me from taking breaks and using Skout, and I would even spend my entire lunch hour on Skout. I guess I’m pretty good because I was able to eat my broccoli while texting the girl on the Skout network.

When I got home, nothing much changed. I went right on Skout the moment I walked through the door, and sometimes, I wouldn’t even put my things down before I went on the computer. I was becoming a bit obsessed with the Skout network, but it really was the girl that I was after. After I talked to her for a while, we both decided that it was time to meet in person. Meeting this girl was amazing, but the drive was amazing as well because it took me an hour to get to her.

I had no problem with driving to meet her because she was such a great girl. We have now made it official, and we are dating full-time, and we still spent a lot of time talking on the Skout network. If I’m having a bad day I’ll go on Skout and complained to her about it, and she’ll send me some kind of greeting to cheer me up. Skout is a great place to date, and I’ve told my friends that they need to be more open-minded about dating online. I’m thankful that Skout helped me to stop being single and start dating again.

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