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In the world of dating websites, Skout is a refreshing change because despite the USP of Skout, the website and app focuses more on cultivating real and close friendships first. Founded in 2007 as a social network for mobile users, Skout has come a long way. A couple of years ago, statistics showed that the app helped to make over 500 connections during its lifetime which is an achievement. The best thing about Skout is not just the main website but also its special features like the night-life app, group messaging, Shake to Chat, and so much more.

In order to shine on Skout, here are some essential tips for users –

Understand That Pictures Only Reveal So Much – A lot of Skouters make the mistake of rejecting someone simply based on their picture. Someone sees a brunette and moves on because they like blondes better. This attitude is seldom seen in real life and must never be carried on to dating websites like Skout either. People would be surprised at how many great relationships they can cultivate if they just ignore pictures.

Details Are Irrelevant, It Depends On Who The Person Is Inherently – Skouters should scan all their past relationships and understand one fact – even if the other person is absolutely similar, problems still crop up. Of course, everyone has a type and are attracted to certain qualities. Those are the things that Skouters should look for when they check out someone else’s profile. Instead of getting stuck over irrelevant details like the other person’s favorite TV show, actor or restaurant, it is important to see if they live in the same city, share common hobbies, have similar passions and belong to the same profession.

A Profile Can Reveal Many Things on Close Inspection – The Skout blog always advises people to be as real as possible. The best way to be real on the website is by spending some time on cultivating and honing a profile that is as close to the Skouter’s personality as possible. This would ensure a balanced and genuine interaction with others, instead of pretension. Is a bad profile an absolute deal breaker? In most cases, yes. An off-putting profile that shows the person to be snide, bitter or boastful can be a downer in most cases, leading to fewer connections.

Personality Claims Should Be Taken With a Pinch of Salt – In most cases, what the person says about their personality is an idea that they want to portray to others. There is nothing wrong in that but sometime, these claims can turn out to be untrue. For instance, if a person says that they have a “great sense of humor” on their profile, it need not necessarily be true because humor is subjective.

Skouters can also check out the travel feature of the app where new people can meet each other and cultivate meaningful relationships when they travel to other countries. This feature is just another instance that proves it is worth every penny to get the premium membership plan on Skout.