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When it comes to mobile devices, many people would rather leave the talking and data plans for the smartphones. After all, tablets are good for WI-FI. However, Freedom Pop is aware of this mentality and is looking to provide a solution for this issue. They are now offering free talk and data plans for tablets. This plan for good for the tablets that have been supplied by the carrier or tablets that the individual already owns. This is helpful when it comes to apps that ask for a phone number. This includes services like Uber car services. FreedomPop’s service also can help one in the case the battery of the phone dies out. Phone plans that are close to its limit is also good for this scenario.

FreedomPop’s plan for tablet does make it a lot better for people. Individuals that carry a Samsung Galaxy Tablet or any other type of tablet will find this to be a convenient data plan. However, there is a catch. For one thing, the data plan is relatively low at 500MB ceiling for data. At the same time, there is the limit of the type of tablet that FreedomPop is offering to customers for usage of the plan. They are only currently selling the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and the original iPad mini. In order for one to use his own tablet, it has to work well on Sprint due to it being the network that FreedomPop gets its LTE from. However, T-Mobile offers even less data than what FreedomPop offers for free.

FreedomPop is working very hard to bring about a highly affordable service to customers so that they will always have a way to use their phone. Customers now have the option to use a service for their phone or tablet that does not require them to pay a large premium for usage.